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    Not a preview function, a Preview thread - I think they need to post copies or samples to it ... - Here is a direct link

    I'm not a moderator or Admin or anything - They did a Forum Software change a while back and that broke most images on the site from before that time. and I think with the holidays, folks may be a bit behind updating the preview thread ...
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    Heather is correct, the preview images in the BT Preview thread were corrupted or lost in the site software change. This later post added a few views after the SW change but it does need some updating. The .pdf file is probably the better one to view as it can be enlarged. However, here are a couple of quick images (sanitized to hide sellers/buyers).

    Index Page:

    Sample of BT Equipment listing page (sellers/buyers hidden) - see attached .pdf.

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    Tnx to both of you, plausible explanation. Software upgrades, IME, tend to create hidden problems, which is why I'm hesitant to do any upgrades on my smartphone. Last time I did, I regretted it. I'm not going away, will eventually subscribe. A rich resource to be tapped here.
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