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    BarterTown has evolved to accommodate easier listings, follow up search and growth. There are now six sub-forums is BarterTown. Each new forum contains For Sale, Wanted, and For Trade ads.

    The six new categories are:
    - Equipment: for working audio equipment
    - Parts: for individual bits, part modules, pieces, items being parted out
    - Media: for music and movies on media
    - Non-audio: for any non-audio related items
    - Pay-it-Forward: for free items
    - BarterTown North: for Canadian buy/sell preference

    With this in mind, here are some additional updates. Again, these are just some of the more recent posts; there are many more pages of interesting items to peruse. For the latest information you will need to visit Barter Town directly. There is a view of the top level of BarterTown with the new subcategories and a selection of some pages within.

    For information on how to access Barter Town please refer to this thread:

    As before, two formats are provided - .jpg and .pdf. Clicking the .jpgs twice will enlarge slightly. The .pdf file includes three pages in one file. Additional updates will be posted regularly.

    Thank you for your interest!


    A gentle reminder to consider the benefits of becoming an AudioKarma subscriber. Access to Barter Town is only one benefit, noting that often there are free items available in Barter Town from generous AK subscribers, including tube and solid state receivers/amps, speakers, and other audio, and non-audio, items.

    As posted on the home page, subscribers "... get more value, have access to more info, and you're included in free drawings for some very cool stuff." For a quick run down of a comparison of other benefits for subscribers, this post identifies the following extras for subscribers:

    * Private forums only for Subscribers. [Barter Town is only one of several subscriber-only forums]
    * PM capacity increases to 1500. (Reg. members get 150).
    * Picture storage increases to 100 MB (Reg. members get 25 MB).
    * You can delete your own posts.
    * Bigger signature limit.
    * Choose to display your name in "Subscriber Red".
    * Use animated gifs as your Avatar.
    * Gain the ability to be "invisible" to the rest of the board. (No one can see when you're online.)

    Barter Town is one of many additionally accessed forums available to subscribers. Subscriber membership is a low flat annual fee; there are no additional selling or other charges for listing items in Barter Town. For the latest information you will need to visit Barter Town directly. Buyer/Seller feedback is a very simple affair and is between those involved in the transactions. Please look here for the Feedback forum:

    Take a look through some of the recent Barter Town preview postings here and consider taking the next step in supporting AudioKarma. If you're looking to buy, sell or trade, your $25 subscription might be quickly recouped in Barter Town bargains, and you help to support our audio community and online meeting place.

    Thank you for your interest and consideration!

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