Been offered a SX 880 in trade

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by jimbo2k, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. jimbo2k

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    Someone has offered me a minty SX 880 in trade for a Nak 3 head deck I have. Their prices seen similar, just dont know much about the 880 as most of my experience has been with lower end models. Is this a highly regarded unit or is all looks and no go, like its lower priced companion. Not Really a Pioneer kind of guy, so be gentle


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  2. savatage1973

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    Might be better off in Dollars & Sense with a specific model of your Nak--that way, an actual discussion of $$$ can take place. I am no Pioneer fanboy, but I have a Nak Dragon, and there are very few things that Pioneer ever built that I would trade for the Dragon.
  3. john stumpf

    john stumpf AK Subscriber Subscriber

    cant comment on the value of the trade. i think the 880 is ok considering its a middle of the range set,i would definitely prefer an sx 850,which isnt riddled with unobtanium parts like the 80 series, the 880 has a really shoddy (in my opinion) vinyl covered particle board bonnet, and in general is not top drawer construction. that all being said they give good utility if they are rebuilt and sound nice. if you do go through with it you might want read up on the repair probs. theres one posted today inre to the protection system that would be of interest to you.

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