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Being given a pair of 886A's for free. A bad tweeter and woofer.

Discussion in 'The Lansing Legacy' started by Darren James, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Darren James

    Darren James Active Member

    someone in my area is giving away a pair of 886A's. I can always use another project. So I am picking them up tomorrow.

    Anyone have experience with them?
    Anything to look for as a common problem areas?



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  2. jcamero

    jcamero Wake Up to Find Out Subscriber

    The Bright Side of Life
    Free is a good price. Not Altec's best effort. CTS drivers. 10" woofer, 2-1/2" phenolic tweeter, passive radiator, (10"). Well built cabinets. Single 6uf capacitor in the crossover.
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  3. Darren James

    Darren James Active Member

    was a bad connection.... all fixed.... boy they are nothing to write home about... pretty blah

    Sold them for $30.... bye bye!

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