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Best FM stations in your area

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by mr clean, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. hi*ball

    hi*ball Records & Coffee

    San Anselmo, CA
    KALX (90.7) - Berkeley College Station

    KCSM (91.1) - Jazz


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  2. jbailey930

    jbailey930 AK Member Subscriber

    N. Va
    Public WPFW 89.3 especially weekends, WETA 90.9 classical, WAMU 88.5. Local news radio has a HD channel that I can get ota 104.1 The Gamut like it's name and eclectic.
  3. Andy Lang

    Andy Lang New Member

    Here in Fairbanks, AK, all of our local non-translator ones are good, but here's a few that really stand out to me:

    KXLR/95.9, excellent mainstream/active rock. Totally local. All local commercials, etc.

    KTDZ/103.9 is a rather interesting automated/on autopilot classic hits, but not quite normal adult hits in that it focuses mostly on the '70s/'80s.

    KKED/104.7 is an interesting alt-rock, albeit owned by iHeartRadio with mostly non-local commercials, etc. Fun fact: In Fairbanks, 104.7 was Fairbanks' first FM signal, first air date 1962, as KUAC, Alaska's second-ever FM station, and first non-commercial/public radio station. In '98 they moved to 89.9.
  4. malden

    malden Addicted Member

  5. mr clean

    mr clean Active Member

  6. GP Hill

    GP Hill AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Louisville, Ky
    WFPK in Louisville. They not only have turned me on to great music, they support local music and promote a great concert scene in Louisville.


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  7. 39cross

    39cross AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Beverly, MA
    My favorites in the Boston area:
    88.1 WMBR (MIT)
    90.3 WZBC (Boston College)
    91.9 WUMB (UMass Boston)
    95.3 WHRB (Harvard)
    99.5 WCRB (WGBH classical affiliate)
    89.7 WGBH on weekends, for the disappointingly rare music programs, when they turn on the multiplex signal

    Yes, these are all college and public radio stations.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2017
  8. K2SA

    K2SA Active Member

    Western Michigan
    I started listening to LAV as an 11 year old in 1971. Aris had a big impact on my taste in music.
  9. Max77

    Max77 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    In Chicago I mainly listen to WDCB 90.9 which is jazz & blues. Great stuff, streaming online too if you're not in the area. Loyola University's station at 88.7 is a great source as well, but the signal is a bit weak. In terms of the big boys, 93.1 WXRT has remained a pretty good station for something of its size.
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  10. grundigger

    grundigger Well-Known Member

    South Austin
    It's my go to station for my Kenwood KT-7300. It is definitely the best FM station in Austin. KMFA is weird, though. While the musical content can sound very good, the announcers' mikes at night sound muffled for some reason, like they overdamped the studio. It can be jarring to hear.

    BTW, I really went to town on my tuner three years ago. The KT-7300 is nothing especiale, but it can perform well. It was worth the trouble to me. Let me indulge myself:

    It took about five hours from start to finish, with much of the work concentrated on the area near the flywheel. Lots of tiny audio electrolytics had to be replaced, and it was tough to differentiate where they were located on the soldered side of the PCB. Eyeballing back and forth for their precise solder pad locations was a challenge.

    Isolated the power transformer mechanically and electrically.
    Replaced old school diodes with fast recovery Schottky diodes.
    Loosened, cleaned and retightened screws that held down main and power boards so as to improve ground conduction.
    Drilled and "nibbled" a new rectangular hole for an IEC detachable power cord.
    Drilled two holes for new RCA jacks, wiring them directly to the standoffs serving up audio, bypassing a switch and a volume knob.
    Most importantly: bypassed lots of unnecessary PCB traces, which reduced RF and AF noise. Shortened the signal path by inches and inches. :D
    Replaced big power caps with bigger power caps.
    Replaced lots and lots of tiny audio electrolytics with better quality caps of ~25%+ higher voltage ratings.
    Installed new incandescent bulbs.

    It sounds real good. Retains its outstanding bass, and now has a better midrange/highs, in addition to a better/deeper soundstage. The bass sounds even more impressive now, since it blends more naturally with the rest of the sound, and has a more tactile, organic feel. Overall there is a less of a solid state lightweight presentation--it's now mellow and bold yet also crystalline where it should be. A/Bing it with my then-recently acquired Onkyo tuner was the clincher. Before there wasn't much of a difference. There was a huge difference afterwards.

    My only wish now is that I had a wooden case for it.

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  11. Teddy White

    Teddy White Member

    Since I didn't see anyone from my area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill NC) chime in during this thread's original run last year...

    WKNC 88.1 NC State. Mostly indie rock or hip-hop.
    WXDU 88.7 Duke. Ditto, although I haven't heard them in years.
    WSHA 88.9 Shaw. Jazz & community programming.
    WXYC 89.3 UNC Chapel Hill. Rigorously eclectic.
    WCPE 89.7 Classical.
    WNCU 90.7 NCCU. Mostly jazz.
    WUNC 91.5 NPR behemoth.

    Sadly, I live on the eastern outskirts of the area & can pick up only 4 of the 7 on my tuner; of those, only WCPE comes in with at full strength.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018


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  12. rkgren1

    rkgren1 Well-Known Member

    Yorktown, VA
    In southeast Tidewater VA I will cast a vote for WTYD FM92.3 for their rather eclectic mix of old and new, acoustic and electric rock, some folk, and a bit of country.
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  13. swamppirate

    swamppirate Addicted Member

    Sweet Virginia Breeze
    97.5 WWWV, iconic rock........
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  14. swamppirate

    swamppirate Addicted Member

    Sweet Virginia Breeze

    I've got the 7500, it sounds quite good as well.
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  15. 8xlaxx

    8xlaxx You can't see the line, can you, Russ? Subscriber

    Due South of the Blenheim
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  16. jlovda

    jlovda Things I loved from the 60's and 70's Subscriber

    NE Ohio
    Someone please tell me what I'm missing in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, OH area. I'm tired of 97.5 and 102.9


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  17. KentTeffeteller

    KentTeffeteller Gimpus Stereophilus!

    Athens, TN
    Collegedale, Tennessee, WSMC 90.5 (the best classical station in the South)
    Chattanooga, Tennessee, WUTC 88.1 (News, Blues, Jazz, and more)
    Clinton, Tennessee, WDVX 89.9 (Bluegrass, Americana, and classic country)
    Clinton, Tennessee WYSH 1380 (Classic Country, locally programmed)
    Clinton, Tennessee WMYL 96.7 (Country station, locally programmed) Both under common ownership. (Ron Meredith)
    Knoxville, Tennessee, WUOT 91.9 (Classical and Jazz, NPR news and PRI programming)
    LaFollette, Tennessee, WQLA 104.9 (superb oldies station locally programmed)
    Knoxville, Tennessee, WNOX 93.1 (superb classic rock)
    Lenoir City, Tennessee WLIL 730 (Superb Classic Country)
    Maryville, Tennessee WGAP 1400 (Superb Classic Country)
    Knoxville, Tennessee WKVL 850 (Superb Classic Country) all 3 above locally programmed, the last two owned by Jim Sexton, a great local owner.
    Athens, Tennessee WLAR 1450 AM (Classic Rock, also on sister translator on 95.1)
    Etowah, Tennessee WCPH 1220 AM Homegrown Radio (superb locally programmed oldies)
    Sweetwater, Tennessee, WMTY 98.3 (superb locally programmed oldies save for Sunday religion, few commercials during the week)
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  18. belyin

    belyin Member

    New Orleans
    New Orleans radio:
    90.7 WWOZ <WWW.WWOZ.ORG> community radio for the Crescent City : jazz, blues, Brazilian, Latin, classic r'and b' spun by serious vinyl collectors, cajun, and all varieties of New Orleans music (except not much Bounce) and plenty of live broadcasts both in the studio and from local festivals. Recently increased their signal to cover the whole region.

    102.3 WHIV-supporting public health and world peace. Progressive local and national news and speciality music programs. A new, low powered station with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, their sound could use some improvement.

    WWNO-89.9 is the local NPR station--now mostly talk with a bit of classical, opera, and jazz. They have just added an all classical station
  19. DirtFarmer

    DirtFarmer Active Member

    Mad City
    WVMO - Nothing but great Americana music

    WORT - A great community radio station
  20. jlovda

    jlovda Things I loved from the 60's and 70's Subscriber

    NE Ohio
    Somehow the Internet address has an "extra" %3E that doesn't belong. Remove it and the link works.

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