Best Thrift Store/Goodwill/SA Finds

Discussion in 'Dollars and Sense' started by Marantzaholic, May 21, 2003.

  1. Marantzaholic

    Marantzaholic Active Member

    A few questions for Audiokarma members.
    What is the best deal you have ever found on a piece of audio equipment?

    Or what is your favorite component you have purchased used? Was it a gift?

    Have you ever bought something expecting to sell it on EBAY and kept it for yourself after listening to it?

    *Guilty of this many times!*

    Some of my best finds have been:

    1) Marantz 2252B *Pristine* and working perfectly as a gift from my then girlfriend. It was her ex-husbands. *L*

    2) Technics SL-D3 Turntable. See above. He must really dislike me.

    3) Pioneer PL-560 Turntable at a local thrift store for $9. Cleaned up beautifully, no cartridge, and dust cover shot, but hey NINE DOLLARS! If you ever get a chance to grab a hold of one of these vintage Pioneers, do it. They easily compete with the Technics SL series which are much more well known.

    4) DBX 1BX Series II Dynamic Range Processor. Perfect. $10, Goodwill.

    5) Sony CDP-85ES CD Changer at local thrift, $15. Perfect, only no remote. Nice unit, I keep it as a backup in case my Marantz CD-63SE ever gives up the ghost.

    6) Yamaha C-6 Preamplifier, cleaned up perfectly, mechanically perfect. $70 in a local pawn shop.

    7) Marantz 2330B Receiver, $130 in a local pawn shop. I'm sure most of you know what these go for on EBAY in perfect working and cosmetic order.

    8) Sony TC-FX707R Cassette Deck, perfect in every way. $40 on EBAY. Apparently this is a lesser known and appreciated deck. Came out in 1982, totally computer controlled, but still solid metal build. One of the last of the quality built Sonys before they quit even pretending to care about quality and reliability.

    9) Technics SH-8055 Equalizer. 12 bands/channel and spectrum analyzer with pink noise. $20, on EBAY. Excellent cosmetics, on line out jack a little flaky, so I just bypass it by using tape outputs.

    10) Sansui T-707 Auto Search Tuner. $7, at Goodwill. Beautiful. Really cool analog tuner with tuning knob, and also buttons that move the dial pointer via a motor inside. Neat art-deco styling of the mid 80's.

    11) Akai AA-R22 Receiver. Perfect operation, nearly new cosmetics. $20, local thrift store. Sweet little model when Akai went to the all digital "Star Wars" front panel look. Super cool "flowchart" display and all touchpad controls, with the left side of the face being a flip down cover to hide the lesser used buttons. Nice sound too, considering that this was not a very expensive receiver.

    12) Sansui 5000 Receiver. Needed to replace one fuse. Everything else perfect. $25. If it weren't for my Marantz 2265B Receiver, this would be the one I'd use happily until it died. Just a FANTASTIC sounding receiver. I see why BeatleFred is such a Sansui enthusiast. Build quality that SHAMES almost anything today under $1000.

    13) Marantz 105 Tuner with PRISTINE wood case. $10!! Perfect in every way. Local thrift store.

    14) Marantz 2252 Receiver. Perfect except for non-original power switch. $25. Wonderful. Just excellent unit from the glory days of Marantz.

    15) Marantz 2230 Receiver. Had some minor cosmetic issues, but worked beautifully. $25. Local thrift store. Gorgeous sound and built like a tank.

    16) Infinity ES-83 Speakers. $50 from co-worker. Need new woofer surrounds and passive radiators. TOTL for Infinity's "Efficiency Series" designed primarily for rock/pop music. Very efficient, but rated at 4 ohms, so you have to be careful of amplifier matching. Surpisingly good sound with the right components. Styled much like the early 80's Boston Acoustics designs, with the wide baffle/shallow cabinet look.

    17) ADS L-1090/2 Speakers. $190 at a local pawn shop. Nasty scratches to the tops, but perfect everywhere else. The BEST speakers I have had the pleasure of owning or listening to under $2000. Compete favorably with much more expensive speakes of today even. Retailed for $1100 or so in '85. And they were usually NOT discounted. Poor man's Wilson Audio. Really, I'm not kidding. Listen to a pair with good electronics and you will be amazed.

    18) Pioneer QX-949A Quadraphonic Receiver. $60 at Salvation Army. Cleaned up well, although missing tuning knob and the previous IDIOT, excuse me-- "owner", broke off the function knob with the shaft. How in the world do you do that??? :mad: Anyway, it sounds wonderful, a worthy competitor to the Sansuis and Marantz units of the era.

    I'll post pics soon of these gems.

    So what about you all? Tell us your best finds!
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  2. MorePower

    MorePower Vintage Audio Freak

    Knoxville, TN
    I have a friend of mine that gets his equipment a different way, (I do not agree with this). He runs a repair shop for vintage and new equipment and has a lot of really good stuff. He runs an ad in local buy/selling paper for audio equipment that people do not want, (broken). Most are vintage and many do not have much wrong with them. He gets them for free, fixes then sells, that is a good profit. I don't agree with it, but the people do give them to him, so I guess it is alright. I am going to check the local Goodwill and SA for equipment, but pawn shops know the value and sometimes want more than it's worth. I did buy a vintage JVC reciever, I think it was a 5003, when I was a teenager for $5 at a yardsale, worked great. I have also picked up a few good deals off the internet, but have got burnt on some also. :)
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  3. nukemicrosoft

    nukemicrosoft Vintage Good....BPC BAD!

    Ottawa, Canada
    I've been really lucky so far. I'm guessing the market isn't as saturated with buyers up here in Canada, but then again there are some things we just never see....For example, I've never heard of anyone I know finding any Marantz tube gear, ever!
    Anyhow, I can't complain about some of the stuff I've come across, such as:
    *Empire 698 turntable, $10 at a yard sale, mint.
    *Marantz 4300 receiver with wood case, and ElectroVoice Leyton speakers, free at a yard sale...not in the best shape, but hey, the price was right!
    *Oracle Delphi turntable with Rega RB300 arm, $70 at a yard sale.
    *Pioneer SM-83 integrated tube amp, $5 at a thrift store, working fine.
    *Thorens TD-166MkII turntable with Grado cart, $20 at a thrift store, mint.
    *Technics SL-1200MkII turntable with Shure cart, $6 at a thrift store, working great.
    Another friend of mine who's also a collector has found some of the best deals I've ever heard of, for example...
    *Linn LP12 turntable with Ittok LVII arm and Karma cart, $50 at sally ann, mint.
    *Rega Planar 3 turntable, $15 at sally ann.
    He also once walked past a console at a thrift, thinking he might look at it on his way out. Finding nothing else in the store, he went to leave, and passed the guy who had bought the console in the meantime at the cash...he was joking with the cashier about the reason for the unit's immense weight: a full McIntosh tube system with preamp, tuner, and two mono blocks!
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  4. bully

    bully member

    Near Lafayette, Indiana
    I've mostly just found speaker systems and cdplayers.
    Utah MP-3000, 15-inch, 3-ways, 4 speakers. Good sound.
    ADS L500, now I know a 'little' why they're so popular.
    Utah WD-90, 12-inch, 3-way, surprisingly decent sound.
    A Pioneer CT-F8282 cassette deck, gorgeous and plays right.
    Pair of Advent Smaller Loudspeakers.
    A pair of larger (mystery model, to me) Advent, one totally destroyed woofer, the other needs a surround, these do have the masonite ring.
    A pair of superb sounding Infinity Qb speaker systems. Several cassette players (Yamaha (2), several Technics, a super JVC, etc.).

    Also a couple turntables (which I absolutely did not need, since I have way to many). Heck, even a couple Hi-Fi VHS decks.
    Oh, yeah, the Marantz DS-900 speaker systems.
    Still hoping I'll find something like a miracle mebbe an M-80 for $20 at the Goodwill ... :cool:
  5. JonTee

    JonTee Well-Known Member

    Without a doubt the best thrift store find for me was last fall when I found a pair of Martin Logan Sequel's for $60. I've discovered nice finds, but, that was my best, so far. They sold new in the mid to late 80's for $2200-$2500.

    BTW, they are especially sweet sounding with my SX1250 for a speaker/amp combination.

  6. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    Bel Air, MD
    Pair of 1979 Pioneer racks stuffed with SA-9800, RT-707, CT-F850, DT-500, SR-202, and SG-9800 for $30.

    - Yamaha YP-D8 turntable for $5

    - Lancer by Soundcraftsmen speakers for $7.07
    - Bose 601 Series IIs for $8
    - Bose 301s for $6
    - Pioneer CS-88a's for $2
    - Pioneer HPM-500s for $12
    - KLH 23s for $8
    - EV Interface/2s for $8
    - Genesis 110s for $12

    - Pioneer SX-535 for $5
    - Yamaha R-1000 for $8
    - Onkyo TX-2500 for $8
    - Sherwood S-7100A for $10 (included Sherwood Woodstock-M speakers and BSR turntable)


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  7. MorePower

    MorePower Vintage Audio Freak

    Knoxville, TN
    I went to a few Goodwill stores today and found a good buy at one. I got a Pioneer SX-3800 for $10, spent about an hour cleaning the switches, dusting the circuit boards and replacing a few burnt lamps, man it's ready to go. I think I have $15 in this one, and it looks as good as the others, which I have a lot more in. I know it was made after 1980, but it still seems to be as good as my late 70s stuff, man this thing will hurt my 12" woofer floor speakers. It is possible they still made a few good ones after 1980? I like it, and $15 you can't go wrong. :D
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  8. David W

    David W Active Member

    Richmond, VA
    The best deal I've gotten is probably a pair of Altec 802Ds with 811B horns at a thrift store for $29. I dont find much for real cheap around here, all of the thrift stores have high prices, cheap junk or both.
  9. WildWest

    WildWest Super Member

    I've gotten a number of things from the thrift stores. A number of nice things actually. Not going to list everything but I would have to say the very best deal I have ever gotten would be a Marantz 240 amp for 5 bucks. My recent Sansui G-9000 score ranks right up there too though, but that Marantz for 5 dollars! WHEW!!
  10. LPD

    LPD Super Member

    Greater Vancouver, BC
    Best find for me is my JBL 4333AWX speakers for the sum of $150.00 Canadian which is what....$100.00 US. I've had other smaller scores, but the JBL's are my best yet.
  11. madpioneer

    madpioneer Super Member

    A few of my thrift store buys,
    PIONEER RT-909 reel 2 reel $175 pawn shop 1983
    PIONEER TX-9800 FREE! Salvation Army when purchasing some $40 speaker 2002
    PIONEER CS-99A speakers $50 local speaker repair shop 2003
    PIONEER SX-950 $50 local speaker repair shop 2003
    PIONEER TX-D1000 Digital Tuner $15.99 Goodwill 2003
    PIONEER CT-M66R 6 cass. changer $20 Goodwill 2003
    PIONEER vintage audio rack $9.99 Goodwill TODAY! 2003
    PIONEER CT-F500 cass. $12 Goodwill 2003
    Realistic MACH I's (pair)$40 Goodwill 2003
    Heathkit AD-1307 Meter Bridge $20 local speaker repair shop

    bout all I can think of at the moment.


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  12. jguzman21

    jguzman21 Super Member

    Here are a few of my recent finds:

    Onkyo TX-8500 MkII - Salvation Army $17
    A set of speakers w/ JBL D130 and 075 inside - S.A. $15
    Hitachi SR-903 - ARC $14.99
    Pioneer CS-88 - S.A. $15.00
    2 sets of Large Advents - thrift $8 each
    Dynaco A-10 speakers - S.A. $12
    Sherwood S-2100 tuner and S-5000 II amp - garage sale $30
    Soundcraftsmen MA5002A amp and SP4002 pre - thrift $49.99
    Sansui 5050 - thrift $10
    Ar-3a speakers - S.A. $20

    It's all for the thill of the hunt

  13. kkib

    kkib Member

    Here is my score from last summer, all at the same garage sale:

    -Phase Linear Model 7000 series 2 casette deck
    -Dual 721 TT which came with with a Shure V15-IV cartridge,
    -Dual 1214 TT,
    -Toshiba SA-400 receiver with very cool turqoise lights
    -dbx 3BX 3 Band dynamic range expander

    All for $25 CAD. I haven't had much luck this year.
  14. marantz1300dc

    marantz1300dc Marantz Remember Subscriber

    Pacific NorthWest
    Well, so far the best find yet was a MINT Marantz 2500 with wood kit.

    $300 in a local ad, the seller was 4 miles from my front door and was "upgrading" to a HT unit :)

    It was always behind glass and looked like it was just removed from the box, his wife had just thrown out the original box's both inner and outer the week before :(

    It did come with all the original paperwork, manual etc. incl. the unused marantz options order form.

    That was in late 99" and I have used it almost every day since without any problems at all.

    In 2nd place would be my 6 "six" sansui 9090's 3 had only blown fuse's and 3 had nothing wrong at all.

    Total cost for all 6, $175

    Tied with the marantz would be an Eico HF20 in excellent cond. for $10 at a local thrift store.
  15. Cosmoz

    Cosmoz New Member

    Montgomery County, Maryland
    My best find of all is factory wired Dynaco Stereo 70 and PAS3 preamp in excellent cosmetic shape for ten bucks. I found it in a pile of junked record changers and console chassis on the front porch of someone's house that always has stuff for sale in the front yard. They needed a little work, but I found a nice gentleman nearby my home by posting on newsgroup. He lovingly restored them both for $200 bucks, even picked them up and delivered, setup and ran them in my home before he would take my money! How often do you get that kind of service these days?? I've been listening to them for 5 years and now they are with another gentleman (who I found the same way) for some tune-up and upgrade. I am not capable of doing much work on audio gear myself, but these forums and news groups are really a great way for people like me to be able to enjoy vintage audio.

    Other finds:

    Genisis speakers, needed refoam, $10, Goodwill (they sound awesome)

    Small Advents, needed refoam, $10, Goodwill

    Dynaco SCA 80 and AF 6 tuner, Perfect, $40, private seller

    Large Advents, needed refoam, $20, Estate sale

    Klipsch Forte, Perfect, $250, private seller

    Best of luck everyone!!!
  16. Toasted Almond

    Toasted Almond R.I.P - November 17, 1952 - April 19, 2016

    Nakamichi 581, mint, with original box and manual $10

    Kenwood DX-7030 DAT Recorder, mint, manual, original box and all accessories - $5

    Dynaco Stereo 70, working okay, but not in GREAT cosmetic shape, $20.

    I have about a million more success stories, but I have to consult my logbook for the specifics. I should've done that before I started posting. Now I have to sit down to dinner, and will have to edit this post.

    Almond, Toasted/MSgt, USAF

    Okay, logbook in hand, here's where it gets ugly:

    Advent Model 3's - $10
    Akai TD-1730DS Reel to Reel -$25 (more than mint $25, it wasn't in my house for 2 hours when it sold)
    Bozak B-310's - cost me an Ella Fitzgerald cd
    Euphonic Technology ET-650 cd player - $5 (mint)
    Fisher 500c - left on my desk at work
    Fisher 500B - $10
    JBL L-96's - $22
    JBL 2060's - $10
    JVC R-S33 Receiver - $4.50
    JVC XL-V222 cd plyr - $5
    KLH Model 6's - left on my desk
    KLH Model 24's - $2.50
    KLH 52A receiver - $7
    KEF 102's - $26.50 (mint)
    Luxman R-113 receiver - $30 (mint)
    NAD 2150 power amp - left on my desk
    Nakamichi LX-3 - left on my desk
    Nikko 1219 Receiver - $11
    Onkyo TA-2056 cassette deck - $6.50
    Polk RT-5's - left on my desk
    Polk Monitor 4's - $5 (mint)
    Polk RTA 12C's - $50 (mint, I know, I know, I OVERPAID)
    Pioneer SA-9500 - $15 (close to mint)
    Pioneer TX-9500 - $15 (mint)
    Pioneer CS-66's - $6 (mint)
    Sansui AU-999 - mint with Sansui TU-99 mint, along with E-V "Marquis" speakers $60 for the package
    Sansui G-6700 - $10 mint with original box and owners manual)
    Shell "Manhasset" tube integrated amp - $6 absolutely mint
    Shell "Hampton" tube FM tuner - even MORE mint $3
    Sony ES CDP-307 cd player - just got it in The Azores couple days ago $15
    Teac A-350 - museum gorgeous quality $25
    Teac A-2340 Reel Deck - bought with above Teac and the Akai 1730, $25 also museum quality
    Yamaha M-50 power amp - $14.75

    There's more, but I sold some of it to people who are reading this. They don't need to know.

    Almond, Toasted/MSgt, USAF
    Last edited: May 25, 2003


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  17. CUlater

    CUlater Member #287, thereabouts

    Bel Air, MD

    WOW - The Once and Future King!

    :thmbsp: :boink:
  18. bigmacc

    bigmacc AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sault Ste Marie,Ontario

    I now know what l want more than anything else in this world.:eek:


    Forget about beer; and women; and steaks well ok keep the women just get me that desk hell l even pay shipping.:D :D
  19. bobinaz

    bobinaz Active Member

    phoenix az
    My best find of significance was at a yard sale last fall.
    I picked up a Marantz 2325 with wood case AND a Sansui 990 for $60 for both. The 2325 just need a few bulbs replaced and some minor cleaning. The wood case is in good shape but I still need to refinish it to look really nice.
    The Sansui 990 had one power meter not working(which I have a replacement) and the function selector switch has a contact problem. When on AM or FM, the display does not light up. I have to put the selector switch between functions in order for the display to light. Otherwise it works and sounds great.

    Also got a Marantz 3800 preamp at Goodwill for $12 dollars that just needed the fuse holder replaced.
  20. bully

    bully member

    Near Lafayette, Indiana
    Toastie, you ARE a hero!

    What a great list of finds. Saving 'em from the dustbin, whatta great service to audiodom. No jokin' or jus' a lil' bit ;)

    Hoping you get home safe and sound!

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