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Best way to hook up Oppo 105D in 2 channel

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by trinhsman, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. trinhsman

    trinhsman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    On a lake in Georgia
    I just bought a nice used Oppo 105D. I am going to use it to replace my cheap blu ray player and my Emotiva ERC3 player. Best way to hook up for 2 channel on this unit. I currently use RCA's and HDMI cable for my current set up. Also: best menu settings for the Oppo? Appreciate any help.


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  2. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Boerboelicious Subscriber

    I owned the 105/105d and I had it connected with the RCA's next to the balanced inputs (I tried it balanced also and noticed no difference in sound) and had some really good interconnects hooked up and the sound was outstanding. Make sure you go into settings and in speaker configuration go to down mix and select stereo. All the crossover settings etc is up to you, for my setup 80hz works great. Hope this helps.

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  3. robert_kc

    robert_kc AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Midwest USA
    HDMI to HDTV.

    Analog RCA to stereo amp. The owner's manual provides the parameter settings for 2.0.

    You can connect a subwoofer to the Oppo (i.e., 2.1). I can provide the parameter settings for 2.1 if you wish (it's a little more complicated, but IIRC this is documented by Oppo on their web site).
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