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Best way to start a flooded carb engine?

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by Thyratron, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Thyratron

    Thyratron Active Member

    As many of us realize, it sometimes doesn't take much to flood a carbureted engine. What's the best/quickest way to get one started that's been flooded through excessive cranking?


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  2. drknstrmyknight

    drknstrmyknight AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Mount Clemens, MI
    wait, open choke, crank with throttle wide open
  3. kcollins4

    kcollins4 Rocking somewhere

    Katy, TX
    If it's your car's engine, hold the gas pedal to the floor for about 10-15 seconds, then give it a crank after letting up off the pedal.
  4. cabinover

    cabinover Dazed and Confused

    Vermont, USA
    You need to be cranking while the throttle is wide open as Dark said. This opens the butterfly in the carb as well as the choke (providing it's not manual) and lets the most amount of air in.
  5. Brent71

    Brent71 Well-Known Member

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Depending on how badly you flooded it and how cold it is you might have to pull the plugs to clean them and dry them off. You can always try giving it a small shot of ether down the carb throat. Hold the pedal to the floor and then crank it over so you get as much air as possible into the engine.
  6. Fran604g

    Fran604g Love at first sound... Subscriber

    Finger Lakes Territory, RONYC
    What Brent said...remove the aircleaner top, get a screw driver, open the choke butterfly with it, and have some one else crank the engine over while holding the choke open with the screwdriver. Use a squirt of ether if it doesn't fire up the first time. The screwdriver gets your hand away from the carb in case of backfire.


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