BIDDING IS OPEN! High-End Vintage Audio Estates Auction

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    Bidding is now LIVE through 4/6 for the "High-End Vintage Audio Estates Auction!" We have over 200 great items from 2 estates, including amps and preamps from McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Conrad-Johnson, Audio Research and many more. Also included are a wide variety of parts, speakers, accessories and hundreds of vintage and newer audio tubes from Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex and others. NATIONWIDE SHIPPING! To register, view the catalog and bid, click HERE.

    Just a few of the featured items include:
    • McIntosh MC252 Amp
    • McIntosh 2105 Amp
    • McIntosh C220 Preamplifier
    • Mark Levinson No. 23 Amp
    • Mark Levinson No. 32 Reference Preamp and Controller
    • Audio Research SP-10 Preamplifier
    • Counterpoint SA-4 Mono Amps
    • Counterpoint SA5.1 Preamp
    • Conrad-Johnson MV-60SE Amp
    • Clear Audio, Concept Turntable
    • Lector ZOE Preamp
    • Electro Research EK-1 Preamp
    Call our office at 816-455-5520, or send us a PM here, if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

    David Schulman



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