Blade Runner 2049

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  1. MacNoob

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    Saw it last night in VIP theater (big comfy seats, 2D). Awesome. Edge of my seat throughout. So many nods to the original.

    It did seem to be more big-action oriented and some of the plot points left me a little bewildered.
  2. macyjrm

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    Ok. So I saw it yesterday in Madison, MS. All my expectations were matched or exceeded. A very satisfying experience. I got really choked up during several scenes, an uncommon reaction for me. I highly recommend being familiar with the original BR Director's cut before seeing 2049. That will help with comprehension a lot.

    Few sequels are able match or beat the quality of their originals. Godfather II, Terminator II, and now 2049 come to mind. Can't wait to have my own copy so I can hit the pause and rewind buttons during several scenes.
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    Hmmm... saw it a few days ago. Eye candy all the way through. But got quite confused as to who was a replicant and who wasn't. Also confused as to who was/were the babies born from a replicant. They said that there was one baby born, then they talked about two... K being one of them?

    Yeah they could have shortened it to two hours with a bit more clarity.. at least for me.
  4. fredgarvin

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    Very good movie. All of the performances were top notch. I thought the ambiguity about who was or wasn't a replicant was a plus for the film, a snapshot of the times we were watching. It begs the question-what makes a human human? Perhaps they let the answer to the puzzle out a little early, but that will depend on the viewer. i wonder how it plays to someone not familiar with the original?
  5. sheltie dave

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    Until I saw 2049, I was firmly convinced Deckert was a replicant. I must be really dumb.
  6. Nutsfortubes

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    Going to see it Saturday. Ridley Scott was the one who insisted Dechert was a replicant,PKD said not he was the human element of the story.
  7. slimecity

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    Not bad - but I agree a little bit slow considering the fairly simple plot - not really enough to hold it up in my book. I did like the pacing being the opposite of your average Marvel superhero movie though.

    Having said that, the director has been my favourite for a while now; Prisoners is a masterpiece.

    My favourite this year was IT, now THAT movie lived up to, and exceeded all expectations for me.
  8. damacman

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    I recently pulled out and watched the original on DVD. I must be the only person that didn't think it a cinematic masterpiece. I'll wait to rent 2049 ...
  9. Wolverine

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    Admittedly I am a fan of the original so came to this sequel with a bias towards liking it as well. I think if you were not a fan of the original you will be disappointed in this version because there are many similarities. Having said that if you didn't see the original this movie still stands on its own and in my biased opinion is a great movie. They echo/reference the original in a way that those who saw the original can appreciate but will not confuse those who have not (the Rachel scene might be the exception). I will admit it does have a slow spot in the beginning but I think that is intentional for setting up what follows. Soundtrack and Cinematography as good or better than the original.
  10. hjames

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    You are not alone. The original did not do well when it first came out. Remember, it kind of bombed back then.
    I'm a Science Fiction buff from way back and I liked it - but I don't profess to be mass market leaning.
    2049 is not supposed to be a feel-good Marvel superhero blockbuster, even if they keep advertising like one.
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  11. 432HzBob

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    Blade Runner 2049, have not seen it yet.
    Half what made the original a classic was the Vangelis soundtrack and score.
    How does the sound on the new movie rate?
    One cynical review says:
    "One thing Blade Runner 2049 gets right in its retro-anachronistic borrowings from the present is the awesome joylessness of the culture. The artistry in this vision of the future is especially vivid in illuminating the absence of real artistry in contemporary “postmodern” American life. Sleek mechanical surfaces are everything, with no substance beneath the surface."
  12. dodog

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    With the glory of youtube, you can hear the soundtrack for yourself:

    I loved it, I'm sure some didn't.
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  13. qdrone

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    Well I saw it today in 11.1 audio,digital Imax and was just blown away with the whole immersion. I agree that if you liked the first one you should like this sequel and I re watched the original Blade Runner director cut last week. The acting was out standing, and the pace of the movie was like you were reading a book,not over whelming but spoon feeding you. A worthy sequel to the original that also holds up on its own. I loved it,a flawless gem of cinema.
  14. tybrad

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    I just got home from watching it. I think that it was true-ish to the original. Not bad for a sequel but only reached a 6 or 7 of 10 for me (10 being the original). Here's why for me...

    The visuals were to modern for me- read: to much CGI, action, explosions, etc. The original was so jam packed with a density of color, light, nuance, fogginess, darkness, and detail. This version had more than most, but not close for me.

    The soundtrack and sound effects were more aggressive and far, far less atmospheric, nuanced, and without a perfect integration to the scene.

    This film, for me, was an amalgamation of Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Mad Max. The situations and story line: many were factional and cliqued- NOT true to the original where the only 'group' was the 4 replicants. Otherwise, it was everyone for themselves- dystopian. I also did not get completely immersed in this one, as I still do with the '82 release.

    I am glad that I saw it and will likely watch it again to absorb more of what was there. But I will always return to my dark master, the original
  15. Pio1980

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    Reading the scattershot reactions to this production makes me wonder if it could become a sort of Rorschach test.
  16. Hajidub

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    Hey a movie, with the recliner seats, that I didn't fall asleep to. It tied a bunch of the original stuff to it. I go into every new movie with low expectations, this one was surprisingly good. Reminded me of the new Road Warrior in some aspects. They did well.
  17. Nutsfortubes

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    If you an’t cop, your little people.
    It’s like having an itch you can’t scratch. Wake up time to die.
    I am not in the business, I am the business.
    Like tear drops in the rain.
    I guess that says it all.
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    That was fantastic speech by Hauer, fine work.
  19. Omegaman

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    What the movie needs is a lovable character like Jar Jar Binks
  20. Nutsfortubes

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    Now I'll pluck my eyes out.

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