Bluetooth earbuds that allow ambient sounds in?

Discussion in 'Headphones' started by Lucky Pierre, Apr 1, 2018.

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    I am working on managing severe intrusive tinnitus. My ears ring between 8-14 kHz, equivalent to 60-76 dB HL. I tried top of the line Widex hearing aids, which did not help. Those were exchanged for Signia units. I am giving the Signias another week or so, but if they offer no more relief than just having music on, they are going back too. I don't need what would end up being really, really expensive headphones.

    I might be asking too much, but are there any bluetooth earbuds that are discreet and allow in most, if not all ambient sounds? There are a lot of situations in my personal and professional life where having music on at a low level where still hearing everything going on around me would be a huge relief.

    I have never really used earbuds. I do have a pair of Grado SR80 that I use occasionally at home. They sound great and I can still hear outside sounds.




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  2. reydelaplaya

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    I have no direct experience with them, but you may consider the Apple AirPods. They’re bluetooth, and appear to be constructed similarly to the wired EarPods from prior models - and if that’s the case, they’ll let plenty of ambient sounds in, especially at lower volume. That hard shell doesn’t seal really well in ears, since I don’t think they were ever intended to be isolating.

    They seem to get good reviews both in build quality and sound quality.

    Just a thought. Good luck!

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