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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by sssboa, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. sssboa

    sssboa Well-Known Member


    I am not an audiophile claiming to hear unhearable. I never minded mp3 128kbit/s as source like it was back in the 1990s, I can't hear difference between this and flac.

    I listen to music mostly from mp3 on android box through coaxial or toslink lead to Cambridge DAC to amp.
    I have added recently a bluetooth adaptor to the Cambridge DAC Plus and I really notice inferior quality of bluetooth streamed music as opposed to along toslink cable. To me sound is also better through analog RCA cable straight from my telephone to the amplifier so using the phone's internal DAC. The bluetooth sound is washed out, muffled.

    I wonder if anyone has noticed the same?


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  2. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    Bluetooth is utterly putrid. I believe the latest revisions offer some level of improvement, but I am yet to hear anything over the Bluetooth system that fits the term HiFi.

    Stick with SPDIF or line and your ears/brain will thank you.
  3. RichPA

    RichPA Don't drive angry Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    Bluetooth quality depends very much on the specific gear. Older bluetooth devices sound awful to me, but the latest ones aren't bad. Streaming from my current generation iPad to my system using the bluetooth feature of my Bluesound Node 2 sounds respectable, though not in the league of CD quality streaming.
  4. uofmtiger

    uofmtiger Super Member

    Which bluetooth adapter are you using?
  5. motorstereo

    motorstereo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Like most things in life you get what you pay for. The cheapo ones aren't worth the space they take up imo. But a decent unit like an Audioengine B1 receiving an apt x signal is quite listenable. Not cd quality but it's easily better than the sound you get from a cassette tape.
  6. cpt_paranoia

    cpt_paranoia Super Member



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  7. olderroust

    olderroust AK Member

    286 miles south of arcata
    I have a couple of devices that are aptX capable and a tablet with aptX. the devices are a DAC and an integrated amp.

    I find that BT using aptX competes with a mini to RCA analog patch cable, but the standard BT codecs sound much worse in my systems.

    A BT connection that's capable of aptX won't always connect using it. AptX support came rather late to my phone, and in the course of giving up on it once and for all, I found tools to analyze BT logging. I was interested to see that sometimes the phone could negotiate aptX and sometimes it could not.

    BT is fine for my car, but I stopped faffing around with it in the house.

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