Boomboxes and Ghettoblasters

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Collin1141, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Dave, that is the Sharp model I had. I bought it when it first came out across the street from Grand Central Station at a audio shop. This was also when the same street (42nd Ave) had all the peepshow and sex shops and was a nasty neighborhood in general. All that stuff is long gone now, NYC cleaned it up. The Sharp was stolen unfortunately and I have looked for years for another. Not that I really need it, just the memories. IIRC it took 10 or 12 D cell batteries. Mine provided music for many a keg party. The original price was $799, I got mine on sale for $599
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    Wow that's a big chunk of change back then,hope you can find a good deal on one.
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    Finally have a boom box incoming next week. It's a magnavox D8443 model with the 3 speakers. I know everyone had one and so did a friend of mine. He's going to freak when it shows up. Got it for a good price and all the knobs are there and the cassette player works also. Will post pics when it shows up.
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    Here it is. Got a Fanta bottle next to it for scale. There was a really mint one for more than double the price but didn't want to spend that much. The tape player works still but for how long. Lol. Actually sounds pretty decent. Will keep my eye open for some around the thrift stores and craigslist. Circa 1985
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    I had the one with the sub in the middle, in black. It was also available in silver. It had that circle molded on the back which perfectly housed a 'steal your face" sticker. Got it at a steep discount at Sears because it was a floor model and the Stereo mode on FM didn't work.
    Eventually I of course took it apart.
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    If you are specifying Solid State, does that mean there are tube-based ghetto blasters out there? I WANT THAT!
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    LMAO couldn’t imagine a poorer thing... tube boom box... can’t imagin vibration good for tubes, and outdoor atmospheric conditions.... poor things will straggle to develop much power.... like it’s a wheeled frame needed to get the 400V or so to run it.... (dcdc converters are forbidden .... evil solid state...)

    Gimme any STK powered box... Technics National Sony and Sharp I know have them... there’d be more.... just haven’t seen them yet
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    I like to think of my older Zenith Transoceanic as a proto-boombox; all-tube construction and surprisingly tough and capable of reasonable volume -- they were meant to be portable and meant to be used. This one was dragged off the top of a chest of drawers by the cat making a mis-calculated jump, with no damage.

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    Aha! So you weren't interested in the least you said. I guess you were, enough to unsubscribe. Yes you were, yes you were! :whip:

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