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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by canton, Jul 7, 2018.

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    OK just a little jab at something in boxing. Pound for pound who cares not me it is a useless undefinable topic used to fill pages of boxing mags. Done

    If so and so fought so and so even tho one fighter has been dead for 12 years and the other fighter is no long boxing for nine years lets talk about how they would match up. Forget about it. Waste of time again lets talk here and now..

    And finaly a guy last week actually both guys in the ring are slipping and falling down can't use there back foot in the center of the ring want to know why? Because of a slippery mat a advertisement for some garbage or other. And the annoucner is saying get this " Why don't they use ice in the corner instead of water". Hey why dont you stop being a billboard for all things ESPN and be honest keep the mat in proper order. Man do I have to point everything out to these guys these days.

    (just smiling)
    Enjoy the fights tonight, feel free to throw rocks if you care to.


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