Broken wires between flat and ctrl amp sx-1250

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by rsmcatskills, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. During the refurb 3 of the interconnect wires between these two board broke from fatigue right at the base of the wire wrap. Not enough wire to re-wrap. What is the preferred fix - I'm figuring the answer will depend on the intent of restoration . Whether I am looking for originality or if I just want to make it work. Well, I'm some place in the middle but I don't want to work on this thing the rest of my either. The gauge looks to be 22 awg and I don't see that available in wire wrap type wire, Maybe I don't know what to look for. Re-wrapping would be my preference but don't want to spend 100.00 in wire ( need 3 colors). Any thoughts.


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  2. mattsd

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    Photos would help identify the wires in question. I have a 1250 currently open, so I can help get them put back in place.
  3. markthefixer

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    Re-wrapping needs a special tool, that is expensive as well. It''s not just wound around the post, it is done under tension, so that there are literally TONS of force on the sharp corners of the pin biting into the wire, to form "gas tight" connections. the reliability comes from 4 cuts per turn and ten turns.

    If it's just plain wire, solder in wires to the pads. The pins are old and oxidized and it takes significant effort and skill to get them to take solder. Brush on flux helps. Better to just heat up the solder holding in the pins and remove the pins. Wire wrapping was a valid assembly method for a factory, but recreating it is a pita.

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