Brought Home A SX-1980 Planning a Restoration.

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Fhamre, Sep 29, 2017.

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    When you are done cleaning the "bread slicer" there only should be metal and air, with some grease ONLY on the shaft at the bearings.
    The grease on a FIN changes the dielectric constant of the air - metal of the capacitor, so a SPOT on the fin could be causing the detuning you are seeing on the second station. PLUS you NEED to give the "bread slicer" capacitor 24 hours to dry out of the zero residue cleaner befor evaluating or changing settings.

    ONE OTHER thing to remember, the "bread slicer" capacitor gangs that have many many fins are for AM!! The FM gangs are between the AM gangs and have far fewer plates.
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    I must say I like your cable solution better than mine. 66.JPG
    I'd like to stay with the fan connector set up. I would just like to find a better quality product than I have used.I did put in that 22ohm 3 watt resistor Glen suggested.
    Regarding the "bread slicer". I followed Glen's suggestion for extreme cleaning which involved Deoxit on the fins and a brush and air. Let it sit 24hrs and drops of Faderlube on the wipers.
    Not something I normally do but given the environment this unit was stored in I felt this was a reasonable course of action.
    Great info Mark,thx.
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    I have a lot of that sort of cable solution stuff in stock as I use it a lot in my normal job......Its not hard to get hold of could probably clean that bread slicer a few more times before it comes back fully....

    Yes!! I see this all the time, "I've got a 7 gang FM tuner",, thats two AM gangs and three FM gangs....often one of the FM gangs doesn't have a cap trimmer too.

    So easy to get things off when fiddling with tuners.....

    JVC 4VR5446 comes to mind, the low end of the alignment is coils which you either spread apart or compress to fine tune your Local osc and RF tuning THAT is tricky when someone has had the golden screwdriver in there!!
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    Please put in a link to that "extreme cleaning" advice - I have to kill it with fire.

    You DO know I have successfully worked on wayyyy more than TEN sx-1980 tuners?
    And it's impossible to count just how many tuners through my life.
    When Mike (Punker X) and I met at an old AKfest, the conversation was VERY cryptic for at least the first half hour as we compared notes.
    I will admit, he probably has done more tuners than me.

    My cleaning regime IS extreme when necessary, and it ends with the tuner getting a CRC zero residue cleaner bath where the ONLY thing left on the fins is the metal of the fin. Leaving deoxit on the fins is NOT kosher. WHEN it migrates on the fin (it WILL, gravity sees to that) it gets thicker in areas and when that area is in a mesh zone, the CAPACITANCE CHANGES!!! The alignment goes sideways and symptoms are extremely erratic!!!. Not even mentioning that the wetted surface of the metal is a dust magnet, clean metal = dust MAY bump, but wet metal means the dust STICKS.
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    Hang on, who said anything about putting deoxit on the actual fins???
    That cannot be right??
    Agreed, ZERO residue cleaner only.....
    I must have missed that bit, indeed, do NOT put deoxit on the fins.......that's a hell of a mess to put right....
    Where's the link, or where's the thread?
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    Ontario, Canada
    What a terribly arrogant and narcissistic post. Good for you that you have worked on wayyy more than 10 tuners. That and a $1.25 will get you a large coffee at your local shop.
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    You DO know that markthefixer is one of our local experts on all things Pioneer? If he has a problem with something posted he'll say so, and people will do well to pay attention.
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    No you didn't, its just not good advice is all.
    I can't think of any reason to use deoxit on the fins in any Bread Slicer on any tuner....
    Just use your CRC Zero and you'll be fine.....To realize how sensitive a bread slicer is, turn your FM muting off, then get a screwdriver, then wave around near the gang farthest from the pulley whilst listening to a station, and see what happens, the mass of that metal will cause a huge amount of drift in the local osc and put the thing way off the station, doesn't need to be a big screwdriver either....
    But anyway it sounded like you were on the right track after the last cleaning...
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    I think you've taken the post the wrong way, Mark is an incredibly talented and experienced Pioneer tech, has posted thousands of times here selflessly helping and guiding people of all levels of ability to repair their Pioneers.
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    Sorry to cause the tiff. There are certain experts on this site and Mark and Glen are two I pay attention to. Even you Kev,lol.
    When I acquire new wiring for my regulators I will go in and CRC the tuner. Probably recap it as well.
    I am sure it will sort it self out.
    To put things in the context that I felt Glen was bestowing ,he uses this method only under certain circumstances as a last resort so to speak. I felt given the environment this piece was in and the fact that the cedar sawdust created a very hard to remove residue over the entire insides I thought it was worth a try.Although I must say it smelled nice and no moths!

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