BSO Is Premiering Its 2018 Season Tonight - Dunno If I Should Listen on Gamma V or Punker X Sony HD

Discussion in 'Tuners' started by PeterFCassidy, Oct 13, 2018.


What's the badder tuner? Gamma V or Punker X Sony HD?

  1. Gamma V is my life!

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  2. I have no gods before Punker X

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  1. PeterFCassidy

    PeterFCassidy Nikko+Apt-Holman = OMG!

    BSO is playing Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra!



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  2. 59volvo

    59volvo Super Member

    I bet the punker x moded x1hd is as good as fm can get
  3. PeterFCassidy

    PeterFCassidy Nikko+Apt-Holman = OMG!

    The mid-range and high definition for both models is inspiring but I got to tell you when the double basses start playing you get up and jump to the other side of the room to make space for their bows when I'm listing on the X Sony. Astounding definition down there on the Punker X Sony.

    He really should take a trip out to Tokyo and see about offering a signature series tuner with his modifications.

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