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  1. olson_jr

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    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    Last time I needed tires, I walked into my local Ford Dealer/Quicklane with a quote from TireRack, and they beat the Tirerack price by $100. Actually, they said they would beat any real price (shipping mounting etc)

    I do like the Tirerack reviews.
  2. soundmotor

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    My local tire guy can usually match (or come damn close) to online so I buy from him.
  3. I tried Tire rack once.

    I found the reviews were less than helpful in that there were too many uninformed buyers making comments. In most cases it seemed like they bought the wrong tires for their car. I found most of the comments like the comments on many web pages fairly useless.

    By the time I had the tires mounted, I saved a few dollars but I did not feel the whole process was worth it.

    I have been dealing with Mr. Tire for a long time and find they are good to deal with once their formality is overlooked.
  4. zebra03

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    Now that you mention it , I just remembered I bought tires for my scooter on Amazon . Way cheaper than anybody else .
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    Southern NJ
    There is that. You really have to screen through them. You get a lot of "less than 50 miles, these are amazing" and "these are horrible on my vehicle that is completely unsuited for this type of tire" comments. I want to know how it is after 20k miles on a passenger car that stays on paved roads, since thats what I plan to use it on. I don't care that they are better when brand new vs the bald ones that came off, and I don't care how poorly they perform offroad in the mud. I want to know if I'm going to die if it rains and if its going to be bald in 10k miles or cracked up in 2 years.
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  6. rjw1678

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    I bought a replacement tire at Monday. The tire I was replacing had less than 1600 miles but had a screw in it in a non repairable area. I picked up the new tire at the warehouse in Delaware, the warehouse was huge & amazing - also the office area was imaculate. I just wish they would open a full retail site in Delaware.
  7. Wildcat

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    SCS, MI (near a lake)
    I have used TireRack for decades, literally, back when they were a two-page ad in Motor Trend. Always a good experience, although shipping costs have skyrocketed in the past 25 years. Luckily I am in the nearest UPS shipping zone from South Bend, so I get a decent deal out of it. For identical tires (brand and model), I always find Discount Tire Direct to be more expensive...sometimes as much as $100 more for the exact same set. What I like about Tire Rack is their setup for extensively analyzing each tire, and allowing user reviews and ratings for specific tire properties. While I never put 100% trust into user reviews, sometimes it is good for seeing common trends. One person complaining about a harsh ride might be unusual, but multiple others saying grip on wet pavement is poor shows me a common trend about that tire.

    I also like that I can pick exactly the tire brands and models I want, as opposed to going to the local tire store and having to settle for whatever they had available. For my older CR-V, I once ordered a size different from the OEM size. Whenever I have done that, I always get a phone call telling me that the size is not standard. They go out of the way to make certain the order will keep the customer happy.

    I have used their recommended installers but they were no cheaper than other local shops, and not as conveniently located. (I would say this is probably very area-independent.) I tend to go to a local Firestone shop since they have done good work for me for 30+ years, even back before my Tire Rack days. If I ever needed some oddball tire, they always had access to it through the Metro25 network. The local price for a 4-wheel alignment is about the same everywhere as well, so in that case, I get a dealer coupon that matches the local price and have them do it. That way, I also get a free inspection out of the deal.

    We picked up another vehicle this past Monday, and we have to get tires for it. So it looks like I'll be placing another order come payday!

    The only bad tire experience I had locally was when I was in a pinch, and bought a set at Belle Tire. Can't say the install was bad at all (they use torque wrenches to properly secure the lug nuts, plus nitrogen fill was free, along with free alignment checks), but the tires on special were Toyo Extensas and they turned out to be one of the worst tires I have ever owned in my life. Dangerously so. The worst part is that they wore like iron, so it took years for me to wear them out!
  8. jlh3rd

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    I get my tires on line, discount tire or tire rack, whoever is cheaper.....I mount and balance them myself....I’ve never had an issue with any of the tires. I have an 08 Silverado, a Toyota Camry, 2012 Volvo, and an 02 Camaro, so I buy lots of tires. ( I don’t mount the Camaro tires)
  9. Wildcat

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    SCS, MI (near a lake)
    Speaking of tires, I just ordered up a set of four today for the newest addition to the fleet. I knew it needed tires when I took it for a test drive, and it was priced accordingly (and then some!). The rear tires have some of that telltale growl of the alignment being off, so I will be taking it into the dealer to get that taken care of soon as well. Mine could use some tires also, but they not too worn down yet. My daughter's car will likely need a set once spring rolls around. So I have to pace these things out somewhat.

    BTW, TireRack now carries the Philips Ultinon LED bulbs. They now have 7440 and 7443 bulbs in white, and they are a few dollars off until the end of the month, so I may pick some up shortly. At the sale prices, they are lower in price than the equivalent (but older) Philips bulbs on Amazon. And, free shipping over $50. The only bulbs they do not carry are the Ultinon H4 headlights (which I believe are not legal here in the US).

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