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Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by 1ontop=, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I got my C26 preamp back from the shop for an audio update, cleaning and test mid February. I just played my turntable through it a couple of days ago. To my surprise when I cued the LP with the volume all the way down the music was like 9-10 o'clock. This obviously is not window shaking volume but too loud for late night/early morning easy listening. The tt I was using at the time was a Denon DP300F that has a built in ground and standard cartridge. I used both phono 1 and 2 .. same problem. I then tried my Sanyo PLUS Q40 with a Nagoaka MP110 cartridge and grounded properly to the back of thr preamp .. same problem. I contacted the technician (name withheld) that did the work and he suggested the C26 has bleed through problems and possibly my cartridge has very high output and is getting past the gain stage. This morning I tried two low end tt's I had around just to experiment with different cartridges. Still had the same problem.

    To expound further, at the zero volume setting the music sounds weak w/o fidelity. Turning the volume control up to 10 o' clock the volume is relatively the same then bass comes on and the music sounds correct. But I'd like to have that at low volume. The only way to get a low volume listening level is to turn the LOUDNESS control clockwise which in turn mutes the volume to a certain degree but does not have the rich music sound I would hear at a flat setting. Of course, this is not acceptable to me. Any comments or suggestions out there? Thanks.

    addendum: only the PHONO mode has this problem. All others work as they should.
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    I would suspect a issue with the low voltage supply that powers the phono EQ stage since it only happens in phono. I believe it is a further filtered 8 volt supply off the 10 volt supply
  3. bastelwut

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    Had the same problem with my C11.
    After fixing the power supply anything was OK

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