C31V, C35, C37 Preamps - Main Differences?

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by Ferrstein, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Ferrstein

    Ferrstein AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hello! After gathering up a mint 7082 tuner and 7007 CD player, I'm looking for a preamp with the same basic cosmetics as these two. This brings up the family mentioned above - the C31V, C35, and C37.

    I know all have remotes, and the C37 has a motorized rotary volume versus up/down push buttons on the C31V and C35.

    Other than that, are there any real performance differences? Reliability differences? I've seen a few units that mention source selection acting funky on the C31V but it looks to be basically the same setup on all three units.

    Thanks in advance for any insight on these!


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  2. c_dk

    c_dk Addicted Member

    West Michigan
    I have posted my experience in the past of the stunning, no make that startling, improvement of sound that a recapped C35 had especially when A/B compared with a stock C30. A similar improvement was accomplished once I got the "B" c30 completed and with other Mac preamps with the same JFET input switching. (C33,C34,C502,Mx117)

    The C37 uses a sealed reed relay device as the input switches.....a design still used by Mac today.

    I have a C37, did a partial upgrade, but have not had the chance to do the formal A/B comparison with other interested local parties to come up with definite conclusions like we did with the mentioned preamps as well as the MAC4100 receiver and C26 and 28 preamps.
  3. quartersaw

    quartersaw Well-Known Member

    Albany, New York
  4. Ferrstein

    Ferrstein AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Thanks all! I'd love to get my hands on a C37. I just posted up my C29 and may sell off a C34v (I have two of them) to start searching for one. If I can't find one in a reasonable amount of time I will just "settle" for a C35 or C31V... which wouldn't bother me at all. They seem like great pieces.
  5. slimpikkins

    slimpikkins Super Member

    South East PA
    I “settled” for a c35 and think it’s about the best sounding preamp I own. I have quite a few ss and tube. Much flexibility with all those inputs and love the eq.

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