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Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by ovalhead1, Feb 11, 2019 at 4:48 PM.

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    I am currently using a Denon dl103 cartridge with a Denon au300lc suit and was wondering if anybody found a better sut to use going into the mm phono stage of the c34v


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    I use a Mcintosh MP 100. It allows me to select the best impedance and drive a line input completely by passing the phono section of my C-34. The sound is definitely clearer and cleaner and reminds me more of the sound I use to get with my C-29. C-34 reminds me of my C-28, which was warmer less defined and the staging wasn't that great either. I will admit C-34 like the C-28 did well taming cartridges over the years that were bright on the high end. Some Ortofons, Shures, Audio Technica, and Decca London could be pretty sizzling. I use Dynavector now and am very happy.

    You would think finding a great SUT would be easy, but its not. You might look and Jensen transformers. We used them in radio broad cast loops, with multiple inputs fed by one mic, to prevent ground loops and scale back insertion noise. We also used UTC transformers back when. I don't know what parameters Denon suggestions, but having your choices of loading can make some subtle changes you might enjoy with the MP 100. . I used three or 4 different transformers with my Ortofon back in the 60's and 70's and the sound was OK with the intended cartridge but getting them to be noise and hum free was always an issue. I changed to Stanton 981 series when I gave away first record collection while keeping a few DD recordings. Then with the help of an old friend I discovered Dynavector, and with the MP 100 I have been a very happy camper. What really surprised me was using the digital out put to feed the MX 151 of my HT system. Very impressive, great definition, with smooth sound and yet good staging with out being overly austere. I am working on my new LP collection now. I find the Dynavectors to have less groove noise and spectral balance of my older favorite Ortofons with out all the tracking issues ortofons had back in the 60's 70's and early 80's.
    I unsure about the new tube version it does have additional features, better signal to noise, filters, and Eq curves. More money too. Clear audio is said to make some great pieces to be used with Mc Cartridges. but I have no personal experience.

    you might want to check out the Analog Planet. Website.

    I checked the Jensen website and that make a specific trans for for your cartridge. You will need two of course.
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