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Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by Dc83, May 15, 2018.

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    I had to send my c46 to get a new faceplate, it's a long story. I've researched the c47 and know it has a dac, a few less controls and is current.
    My question is, is it worth upgrading to get it? Or should I say does it sound better or improved over a c46.
    I googled them but couldn't find no comparisons.


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  2. twiiii

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    west Texas
    Check the Mac compendium on this site. A quick glance, show the 47 doesn't have graphic tone controls, a big plus for me. The 46 doesn't have a MC input, big advantage 47. The 46 maybe a touch quieter. But my vote would be the 46. I like manual controls on pre-amps. If Mac would make an updated C-40, I would be waiting in line. I had to buy a MP 100 for my C-34, no MC input. I don't have a DAC but I have a MVP 891 and a MX 151, That works for me right now. My big complaint is you can't adjust the treble or bass on the right channel separately from the left channel any more. I could and would with my C-29. But I have individual tone controls on my two Crown EQ-2 equalizers and use them all the time. There's that nasty word again. Crown.
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