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Caig DeOxit and Charging cables

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by transmaster, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. transmaster

    transmaster AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Here is a tip to try on charging cables when they start acting up. Get some Caig DeOxit D100L in the needle dispenser. This bottle will last for a very long time. Just apply a tiny amount on the Lightning plug contact surfaces, on a “C” connector a tiny amount on it’s contact surfaces. Incert the plug this cleans and lubricants both sides of the connection. You can often restore a cable doing this. This is a good thing to do periodically anyway.


    You can also use Gold G100L but it does not have as much cleaning power as D100L

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  2. olson_jr

    olson_jr AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    A friend was having a charging issue with her lighting connector.

    Took a plastic toothpick and removed a big chunk of pocket lint. I am glad I did not spray anything into that connector before getting the booger out.
  3. GChief

    GChief AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Eastern NC
    Thats M-1R on mine.

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