Calling all AK'ers......

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by VinylHanger, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. groovemaster

    groovemaster Well-Known Member


    Man, I have way too many miles on my cartridges and now you want me to wear them out more playing records.:sigh:

    Well, okay!:D


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  2. Noborigama

    Noborigama PioneerJunkie AudioAddict

    La Crosse Wisconsin
    Listened to The Replacements "Let it Be" album today as well as some Neil Young and crazy horse. Can't remember the name of the Young album, has Farmer John and mansion on the hill on it. Good stuff. That Replacements album can turn my mood around in a heartbeat, from bad to good.
  3. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Portland OR
    On May 15 I'll have Dickey Betts & Great Southern playing about 75 yards outside my back door.

    Good selection of blues you mentioned ... I'll throw on some Taj tonight. It's been a while.

    I'm pretty sure I'll see Derek Trucks on July 4th, but not outside my back door.
  4. jimdgoulding

    jimdgoulding Active Member

    I'm a newbie who visits Audio Circle and forums in the UK and Australia. Recently joined the Audiophile Club of Athens (Greece). We all speak the same language when it comes to this passion. There is a video about this bunch on YouTube made by Ken Burns, one of the best documentary film makers of our time. I relate to many of your regulars here and am glad I found out about AK. Hope to meet some of you guys at the next convention whenever that may be.

    Keep up the good work, everyone. Cheers.
  5. Tim405

    Tim405 A.D.D. Enhanced

    Arcadia, OK
    although I am ( use this term loosely) only forty... I tend to have music tastes older than me due to the fact of being the youngest of 3 kids and youngest of all my cousins etc... just played Jackson Browne " Saturate Before Using" - for an alleged spouse abusing freak - he sure can write and play/sing...
    I take my kids to things like Van Halen - James Taylor and Steve Miller...Heard I missed a good one when Rush came thru OKC last wife threw a curve at me last week - she bought some Dean Martin!! great stuff!!! - we Like it all except the hard rap stuff...but Kool and the Gang, the Commodores, EW&F are definitely in rotation ( along with the Foo Fighters!!)...rather listen to tunes than watch tv or movies anyday...seems songs stir up memories really good ... Billy Swan " I can Help" reminds me of waiting in my friends moms cougar for the rain to stop at ball practice back in like First grade...maybe thats why we all hang onto this stuff...mental time travel...
  6. Gregoire

    Gregoire Turn up the music, HI as FI can go... Subscriber

    Delaware, OH
    CD - The Cardigans Best Of, Dinosaur Jr "Beyond"

    LP - Saint Etienne 12 in single, Bryan Ferry "Bete Noir"

    I'm always on the lookout for Cardigans and Saint Etienne LP's...:tresbon:


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  7. Unclejam

    Unclejam Active Member

    Dallas, Tx, USA, N.A., Milkyway

    that plus whatever is on my computer
  8. cmk59

    cmk59 It's all about the tunes.

    Norman, OK
    Just saw the reason I graduated from a boom box to Hi-Fi tonight...Mr. Chuck Mangione was in the house here in Norman, OK for Jazz in June...and boy, did he rock the house! Due to a 10 minute rainstorm as he was winding up with Bellavilla (sp?), about half the 5,000 or so there departed, but he and the band hung tough and played their hearts out for those of us who stayed, soaked. Wow... next best thing to Pink Floyd in concert in Texas Stadium, for what my humble opinion is worth! Pics for anyone who wants one...I've one posted in the photos section, more will come as I dry out!

    Sheez...Chuck Mangione live AND a McIntosh 2205 for $ much better does life get (even if the Mc DOES need a new glass)?!?

  9. masterlu

    masterlu McIntosh Member

    Who has time to play it, I'm too busy buying & installing gear. ;)
  10. Georgiestar

    Georgiestar New Member

    oh great, I'm listening to a skipping abba cd which I'm borrowing off my gran, it was without a case :p darn...I also dont have any vintage equipment like everyone else here, I'm a newb :)
  11. jleon92f

    jleon92f Addicted Member

    Just bought (4) lp's "England Dan & John Ford Coley, Dowdy Ferry Road" was one I did not own! .25 cents!

    I love MUSIC!

    Mint condition! Today was a GOOD day!

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  12. mcgarick

    mcgarick Well-Known Member

    Renton wa
    workin on the house, spinning 2005 reunion tour Cream.
  13. Inamelotone

    Inamelotone Active Member

    Well this all very timely... I still think of myself as being relatively new to the 'forum' concept and pleased to say that AK was the first I joined and remains the most enjoyable. Anyway I was thinking about starting a new threat along the lines of 'do you know a good music forum...' and, lo and behold, there is one on AK!

    For the record I was playing some Philip Glass last night, and some Darius Milhaud piano music before that. This morning I am in a more cheerful mood and spinning some Paolo Conte, his first LP, which I could recommend it to anyone! Wonderful!
  14. Kismet1968

    Kismet1968 :)

    Plymouth, Michigan

    Hello - anyone into Alternative Music? Have any luck finding it on vinyl?
  15. hendertuckie

    hendertuckie Active Member

    Southern Nevada
    Sunday Morning: Antonio Valvaldi, Bassoon Concertos and before that it was Mozart's Piano Concerto's 9 and 25. Weekend mornings and classical music have been a 20+ tradition in our house.
  16. frosty19

    frosty19 New Member

    Burlington VT
    I'm a noob but have been following some of these forums for a while (lurking, I guess you'd call it :music:) and I've seen many old favorites mentioned one way or another and have been reminded of some I hadn't thought of in a long time (Ry Cooder for instance). There are someI might have thought would be mentioned and maybe I've just missed those posts but I thought i'd toss them out here, see if they strike a chord with anybody:
    Quicksilver Messenger Service (is there a better version of Who Do You Love??)
    and how about John Mayall?

    As for something on the newer side...
    Someone I work with recently pointed me at an Australian group called The John Butler Trio - hard to describe - lots of energy, some pickin', some slide. Great bass player. Great live performances:yes::yes:, there is a fair amount of their live stuff available on the net (google is your friend) in vid form. anyway, if you're not familiar with them you might be pleasantly surprised.



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  17. Cadillac Kid

    Cadillac Kid Addicted Member

    Meat Puppets - Too High to Die
  18. Spellbinder

    Spellbinder My Spine Is The Bassline

    Highland, IN - U.S.A.
    Great invitation. But apparently I just don't "get it." I've been told that I'm not "ready" for the music forums and should visit the rest of AK for a while first. I thought it was a place to share what I'm listening to in the various threads here in the music forum. Seems that's not the case.

    Sorry if I screwed up some of the threads. I'll move on elsewhere.....
  19. jhinkel

    jhinkel Super Member

    just joined in! Thanks for the invite!!
  20. olson_jr

    olson_jr Dave? Dave's not here man. Subscriber

    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    Your joking~~~ correct?

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