Cambridge Audio azur640c V2, worth upgrade?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by djiga, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. djiga

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    I have Denon DCD 615 CD player and i want to uprgrade to Cambridge Audio azur640c V2.
    Can you tell me a little about this player (Cambridge), is it good and is it worth to go for it?
    How much will i actually hear the difference between these two? Cambridge is 5 to 7 time more expencive than Denon but does it sounds 5 to 7 times better?
    I have vintage gear, Sansui AU 317 amp and Pioneer HPM 40 spearkers. Am i going to get "real deal" from Cambridge with vintage gear?

    Thanks a lot.


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  2. guiller

    guiller Toscaninichus Australis

    Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    I had a Denon DCD-1650G (japanese market, from the early 90's) and switched to the Cambridge Audio model you are interested in. Subjectively, it meant for me an important upgrade in terms of clarity and bass response.

    PS: at the time I've read this review and can say it is in agreement with my own impressions.
  3. Powertech

    Powertech Well-Known Member

    South Wales, U.K.
    I have a Denon CDC820 and a Cambridge Audio Azur 550C. Now the DCD820 was widely acclaimed to be 'The one that Denon got it right' and I have to say that it is still a good player. It was designed at the Denon R&D labs in the U.K. and then made in Japan. The Cambridge Audio 550C leaves it way behind. The 550C is later than the 640C, but they are both from the same stable. The V2 has some additional features over the original 640, but these are mostly to do with system control bus systems that link to other components.
  4. cpt_paranoia

    cpt_paranoia Super Member

    In terms of 'deals', I saw one in a charity shop for £35. Charity shops are usually fairly canny with realistic pricing.

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