Can't post, Can't Edit, Permissions, etc... Please use this thread

Discussion in 'AK New Format' started by Wardsweb, Sep 15, 2016.

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    What ???

    It's a problem with the older version of xenforo installed here. It simply wont support all of the new browsers with HTLM5. That is the problem and is the reason why myself and others couldn't get the upload button to work when clicking on it until disabling the flash uploader. The board was trying to make our browsers use that and it wont work.

    Anyway, I only posted what's going on to try and help because I realized what was happening and why. I also have an xenforo board myself ( and I remember when they fixed the problem. Xenforo added the new HTML5 support so the uploader will pop up just like it does with the flash uploader and it will look and work the same. The only way to correct it is to upgrade the board.

    Hope that helps...
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  2. Dude111

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    Cant you just use the flash or reg uploader? (I dunno why you are forced to use HTML5 if you dont want to)

    Not at all buddy..... I use flash alot..... I play games,etc :)

    Yes im on IE6 and I have flash uploader disabled and it works fine with a reg uploader...... (Its not a flash uploader,its a reg tradional file uploader like ya see on most sites)

    Can ya do that buddy??


    I see you say you did disable it,im sorry.......


    I just checked USE FLASH UPLOADER and the site still gave me the reg uploader..... That means it can detect what browser your using and give you the right one regardless......
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  3. analog addict

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    Question for the Mods. I would like to go back to some older threads and fix the nuked photobucket links with flickr images. However, it looks like my posts are closed out at some point in time to editing. Is there a way around this, or are these old threads nuked by photobucket forever? And no, I don't want to pay them $33 a month for the privilege of linking my own pix.....
  4. petehall347

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    uk.. the middle bit
    to edit posts you need to subscribe mine has run out as it happens . mods can do it but they are busy already .
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    Ah. Was a subscriber until fairly recently. Haven't had much reason for it recently

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