Canton CT-2000 Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by cjmustang69, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. rorres

    rorres New Member

    Thanx for info James.
    I will look for the a pair of 3669 as well.
    I sold a pair of Karat 60 a few weeks ago. Stupid thing to do.....
    There is no doubt my midranges are dead, I have tested them.
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  2. Bratwurst7s

    Bratwurst7s In The Frying Pan Subscriber

    Munich, Germany
    Yeah, the Karat 60 is a good speaker to hang on to. LOL, I don't have mine any longer either. But a good friend has them now and he needed them more than I did.

    If I see any of either of those mids show up here I'll shoot you a PM.

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  3. rorres

    rorres New Member

    I have found a pair of CT 2000 300km from where I live.
    Tweeters have been replaced and one woofer.
    But for only 50 EUR (+ 80 EUR fright)
    it is worth it.
    Then I have a spare woofer:)
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