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Cap parts list for SA-700?

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Schanz, May 17, 2018.

  1. Schanz

    Schanz Active Member

    Anyone have one? Otherwise, I'll start putting one together. Need to replace a burned 2SC793 trans and figured I may as well recap. Didn't see one in the sticky.


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  2. Schanz

    Schanz Active Member

    So, the unit is recapped and the bad transistor replaced. I'm now dealing with a faulty volume pot but have one coming from fleabay. Amp sounds good though.
    The old caps were all 50-100% or more over rated value. The 1000uf caps are 4 posts with two grounds connected. The 4th appeared there for moral support only. I used a jumper wire from one ground to the other.
    Here are the caps I replaced and the mouser part number I used. I hope the spacing works otherwise I need to find another way to format this.

    No Listed UF/DCV W15-050 W15-060 W16-018 W15-068 W15-049 Mouser#
    4 220 35V C40,41 C1,3 667-EEU-FS1H221LB
    1 2200 80V C39 647-UVR2A222MRD
    2 0.1 25V C1,2 598-225P10491WF1
    4 30 6V C3,4,7,8 661-EGXF251ELL300MJ2
    10 10 25V C11,12,13,14 C1,2,13,14,15,16 810-FG26X7R1E106KRT6
    2 50 25V C15 C17 667-35SEK47M
    12 100 50V C3,4,7,8,11,12 C1,2,5,6 C5,6 598-107RZM050M
    4 3.3 25V C1,2,C5,6 598-335CKE050M
    2 1000 35V C13,14 667-EEU-FS1V102LB
    2 330 16V C9,10 667-EEU-FS1H331
    2 0.47 50V C11,12 594-2222-368-25474

    For the outputs I used 863-MJ21194G and mica insulators 534-4636
    The 30uf caps I ordered were 250V which was a tight squeeze on the board. I would recommend a smaller voltage.
  3. Schanz

    Schanz Active Member

    Nope, spacing disappeared.
  4. Schanz

    Schanz Active Member


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