Car tools you just can't find loacally!!

Discussion in 'Wheels, Wings, Mud, and Water' started by FONSguy, May 13, 2018.

  1. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    This is where I miss the old JC Whitney catalogs. Still have many of the tools bought from their pages, a spline drive set for one. Turned out to be K-D brand too.


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  2. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    My first thought, someone actually searched to buy a U-tool?

  3. beat_truck

    beat_truck Super Member

    SW PA
    What happened to it at such low miles?:eek: What kind of car was it?
  4. FONSguy

    FONSguy Super Member

    Sterling, VA
    I HAVE a pair of those. The new set is 4 things that look kind of like dull x-acto blades on ringed handles. One goes in a slot at each corner.

  5. jdurbin1

    jdurbin1 Tandberg enthusiast Subscriber

    San Diego
    Ah, yeah... I have some of those floating around too. Back when I was still installing I made a point of always putting a set of whatever cheap tool they provided with radios on a cord-turned-keyring so I could find them instantly in my toolbox.

    Wonder how many arms/hands the idiots that designed THAT setup thought installers came with? Hard to pull four corners simultaneously when they're that far apart.


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