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    Catoreys story

    This year I've been struggling to provide, due to medical reasons and lack of transportation, as well as lack of childcare. I have been unemployed. I am currently job searching daily and hopeful that I will obtain transportation soon. My son is a great kid, he is very smart and loving and I believe that he deserves to have a great Christmas this year. He is a true survivor, he has survived against all odds after being born at just 1 pound 8 ounces. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for considering my family.

    After talking with Catorey I learned that she had no transportation so I offered to go and pick her up and take her shopping. She was overwhelmed enough that her family was being adopted, but to have my pick her up and take her shopping really threw her for a loop. When we got to the store it became very apparent that this family was in need of the basic things, pillows, socks, underwear, toothpaste soap but she did manage to find a few toys for her son to open on Christmas morning.


    15621634_1196083827093934_187809510701342578_n.jpg 15622689_1196082730427377_1497293271673041101_n.jpg
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    Sometimes it's tough to get through the shopping.

    Thanks, Nancy.
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    Thanks Ms Grumpy it is a joy to read these

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