Cats, what other pseudo-cognitive traits are they hiding?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by soundmotor, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. soundmotor

    soundmotor super modified Subscriber

    My wife noticed this about Spud, our cat. In the morning he makes a beeline to the cupboard where the canned food is. He waits by it until he sees you take out a can. He gets 2/3 can in the morning, the rest goes into the fridge for later.

    For dinner he gets a small scoop of kibble which is kept in the pantry. About 45 minutes before we feed him he stakes out the pantry door. He will wait by it or run to it if one of us looks like we are heading that way.

    Before we go to bed he gets the remainder of the morning can. He hangs out with us every evening laying on the ottoman or couch...until we turn off the TV. Then he is up an yelling, running ahead of us, right the fridge.

    He not only knows where his food is, he knows which location for the time of day. He's been on this schedule for a couple years now based on his vet's recommendation. Frankly I am amazed by this behavior.

    It's nearly 5:30PM therefore time to stand by the pantry -

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  2. totem

    totem AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Vancouver Island
    Animals they never cease to amaze how they can tell time.

    I recall a story on how they know when to expect a person home from say work.
    Seems they use their sense of smell as in an individuals scent, when it has degraded to a certain point they know
    when to expect them home from work or school.
  3. usedto

    usedto Lunatic Member

    Central Moonbeamia
    Our late pooch, Max the Protector, spent most of the day in our back yard, which is 50 feet away from my warehouse. Every day at 5:00 I'd open the gate and let him come over and spend an hour or so over here after I closed up shop. If I looked over at 4:55, he would be nowhere to be seen. But you could GUARANTEE that he'd be there at the gate a 5.

    I miss that guy!
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  4. WillVT

    WillVT Well-Known Member

    Burlington, VT
    As a kid, our golden retriever could always tell when my dad was coming home by the sound of his Chevy van, from about a half mile away, up a mile long dirt road. No other cars or trucks would get his attention, just the sweet sound of a Chevy 350.
  5. knockbill

    knockbill Addicted Member

    SE PA
    Cats are one of the most amazing critters on the planet,,, they exist in the cold, hot and all in between climates, can adapt to almost any situation...
    I've known some pretty special cats,,, nothing they do surprises me!!!!
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  6. beat_truck

    beat_truck Super Member

    SW PA
    He looks a LOT like a cat we used to have.


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  7. jdurbin1

    jdurbin1 Tandberg enthusiast Subscriber

    San Diego
    That's a pretty well-trained cat. Our chowhound (one of the three we have) has a different strategy. Instead of waiting where the food comes from, he comes over and stands on the chair or couch, nearly right on top of my wife while she's sitting down, and puts his paw on her until she gets up and feeds him. Unfortunately, his clock also runs faster than actual time so every day that campaign has started earlier and earlier in the day. She had to reset recently to get dinner time moved back out to a reasonable hour; thought the critter was going to pass out with the strain of waiting that long (did I mention he's a chowhound?).

    The other one has figured out arrival times, and will wake up and stare fixedly at the front door long before anyone actually comes through it and as far as I can tell, before he could have possibly heard them coming.

  8. rxonmymind

    rxonmymind AK Subscriber Subscriber

    They have a bit of an ornery streak in them too. My ex had a black cat that we didn't always see eye to eye but on the whole was ok cat. One day I stopped petting it and went back to reading my newspaper. It hopped down and next thing you know it chomped on my big toe and ran. OW! If I had something to throw at it I would have. I laughed later though.
  9. N8Nagel

    N8Nagel AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sterling, VA
    Cats are special because they're smart, but they're also pretty independent.

    Dogs are easier to be amazing because they're pack animals and therefore easier to evaluate. I remember a guy up in Delaware that used to deal in old VW parts. One day I went up to get a used transmission for my Scirocco; he was out when I got there and he came back to find me sitting on his porch with one of his scary ass wolf/Husky mixes under each arm getting scratchies. Next time I stopped by I was in a rented car, I wasn't going to get out of the car without him being there. Apparently the dawgs figured that anyone driving a 4-cylinder watercooled VW was good people but anyone showing up in anything else was suspect.
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  10. slow_jazz

    slow_jazz Lunatic Member

    SE Michigan, Downriver....
    They know when suppertime is.

    If it's 5 minutes past they will come get you.
  11. vonclod

    vonclod AK Subscriber Subscriber

    My cat Riff is just like that..wakes me up pretty much every morn..just before the alarm. Also knows my loud car, roomate says he(Riff) gets excited when he hears me coming, ears perk up..goes to the day I drove past the was so upset:rflmao:


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  12. datafone

    datafone Super Member

    Bris', Australia
    Many animals are a lot smarter than people give them credit for, many also experience a range of emotions not too dissimilar to ourselves.

    The was a scientific study on cats done in the UK, you can find it on-line. It will show how they live and behave, how they communicate to each other, and how they do with us which is different as far as vocalisation is concerned.
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  13. datafone

    datafone Super Member

    Bris', Australia
    Oops, not sure if that was the right one or the full series, maybe this? I think there are the same except maybe the first one is only 2 parts of 3. Edit: It's all confusing as It's the same people.


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