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Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by wrdeacon, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. wrdeacon

    wrdeacon New Member

    I would love to have separate cd and blu ray players, but I am limited to having one to do both options. More concerned about the sound quality than a lot of blu ray bells and whistles. Does anyone have a unit that sounds good or maybe better than you thought it would and can do blu ray too? Price range around 200.00 or so.


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  2. Yamaki

    Yamaki Not For Hire Subscriber

    Hillsboro, Oregon
    I don't know if you can find them used at your stated price point but the Oppo BDP-93 is a great bluray player with a lot of options.

    I use it as a DVD player, movie streamer and a CD player. The 2-channel analog performance is excellent.
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  3. Natertots

    Natertots Member

    Portland, OR
    I am in the same situation you are, wrdeacon. I have also heard that OPPO devices are quite good at both. I have read many reviews of speakers where the writer used an OPPO device as one of the sources. As long as you aren't looking for 3D or 4K ability you may be able to find a BDP-93 in your price range. The newer OPPO gear, even used, is a fair bit more.
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