CD + DAC recs?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by operaman, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. operaman

    operaman Super Member

    New York, NY
    I'm looking for a CD/ DAC that will beat my Tascam CD200 and I have a couple of specifications:

    1. my pet peeve is the CD drawer. The Tascam drawer is very flimsy and cheap. Do you know any decks that have a sturdy, preferably metal or alloy (not plastic) drawer?

    2. Fast action. I don't want to put a CD in and wait a quarter hour for the display to read.

    3. Under $500 new list price please.


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  2. awillia6

    awillia6 Super Member

    $200 used PC or Mac
    $100 DAC
    You only "play" each CD once using the PC's CD drawer (called "ripping")
    From then on, you run things with remotes, phone app, or computer programs.
    No drawers at all and you can hide your PC/Mac in a closet or in the basement.
    Flexible grouping/selection of playback material.
    Instant playback.
    And $200 still left in the bank.
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  3. Modlin

    Modlin Active Member

    You said - a couple of spec, but listed three...
    There is no such a thingy...quarter hr for display?...oh my
    why don't you build one is the list of things you'd need:

    -2 pieces of bark
    -4 x chewing gum wraps
    -wire coat hanger
    -few feet of twine
    -used tin foil after baking turkey
    -some spit

    it will be awesome...and it will definitely be under $500
  4. restorer-john

    restorer-john Addicted Member

    Buy an older top model CD player with optical/coaxial outs and use whatever DAC floats your boat.

    I too, refuse to use a player with a plastic drawer (frankly a plastic drawer screams cheap crap) or one that can't read a TOC in less than a second. The older machines will also often give you linear motors (super fast track access <1 second to any track) and possibly BSL spindle motors.

    Frankly, there's no comparison- the older transports are just gorgeous, precise and strong.

    Look for the upper range Sony ES machines, Onkyo Integra DX-706/8, Some Marantz models etc- they all have metal drawers, linear motors.
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