CD player recommendations to mate with Classe & Vandersteen

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by js bach, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. js bach

    js bach Active Member

    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Hi All,

    Can anyone recommend some CD players that will be an excellent match with a Classe CAP-101 integrated amp and Vandersteen 2C speakers? Cabling is DH Labs Q-10 and Air Matrix. I listen to all kinds of music... pop, rock, classical, ambient/electronic. But, mostly rock and prog rock. My budget is max $600, but I'd like to stay well under that if possible.



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  2. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Boerboelicious Subscriber

    I've used oppo 105/105d and currently an oppo udp 203 with a zu audio mission power cable on my 2ce Signatures all with great success and excellent sound .
  3. Rasputin

    Rasputin New Member

    Not sure if you got one yet, but I highly recommend the Onkyo C7000R. Even though the Onkyo costs 3 times what you are looking for it is an excellent player that can be had used for a third of the price and it outperforms any $500 deck money can buy (I've compared it against several and they don't come close). BTW I too have a Classe/Vandersteen system (CP50/CA200/2CE Sig) and very happy with using the Onkyo as front end. I bought it couple years ago to temporarily replace a Denon DCD A100 but it's turned out to be an even better player. The C7000 doesn't play Sacd but it is every bit as detailed and dynamic as the Denon on red book and smoother too; I can listen to it for hours. It has excellent PRAT and bass that punches above it's class and matches well with my Classe/Vandy combo. The player is built like a tank with a metal transport and sturdy all aluminum construction weighing 26lbs. More importantly it has a linear supply (no wimpy DVD switch modes here) using dedicated transformers for digital and analog, the latter a massive shielded toroidal with 10Kuf capacitance. A real sleeper among mid price players.

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  4. arclight73

    arclight73 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The NAD C546BEE and Marantz CD6006 are two of the top 500 players. Both are excellent. Probably give a nod to the Marantz due to it's warranty and better track record for long term reliability.
  5. NAD80

    NAD80 Super Member

    Carlisle PA
    love your avatar js bach.
  6. Superampman

    Superampman AK Member Subscriber

    Kitchener, ON.


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  7. superjojo

    superjojo Active Member

    Why not spend your money on a DAC and if your CD player now has digital out give it a try as transport?

    I think the cheaper NAD or Cambridge Audio players would make a pretty nice transport as well.

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