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Challenge for the modern fans - The best $1000 system.

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by Bigerik, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Snilsen

    Snilsen Audionot

    near Boston
    I've listened to the 706V, too much top end for these ears. Are the 705V better? I suppose they're made for listening to vinyl?


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  2. fore

    fore Member

    Rhode Island
    -Yamaha A-s500 399
    -Pioneer SPBS22LR 120
    -Dayton Sub-800 90
    -Onkyo C-7030 160
    -U-turn Orbit 180

    Total $949

    $51 left over for speaker wire and RCA's
  3. reggiesanche

    reggiesanche AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Medford , OR
    UTurn tt basic 179
    Music hall marimba 350
    Project phono box 100
    Project amp box 179
    Project dac 79
    Anything but bottom of the barrel cables =40
    And last but not least 1 bottle oban 14 year = 60

    1000 dollars well spent now your all set
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
  4. Enthusiast2

    Enthusiast2 Well-Known Member

    How about a lot less. Maybe not the best, but for what I paid, and have been selling for years so...
    Currently using an

    Acurus A250 $35
    Luxman PD 272 $15
    NAD 7140 as a pre, tuner, $25
    Marantz CD 5001 $15
    Yamaha NS 1000 $30
    Sony 222es changer $40 NITB
  5. ictwoody

    ictwoody I like vintage gear — my preamp is from 2007. Subscriber

    Wichita, Kansas
    I'm sure that sounds really good... but the point of this challenge in the Modern forum is to spec new components, per the first post.

    That being said, if you want to triple your money on that Luxman TT, shoot me a PM and I'll paypal you immediately. :thmbsp:

    - Woody

  6. fordiebianco

    fordiebianco Member

    United Kingdom

    Here's my sub 1k system (which I would happily live with):

    Source: Pioneer Sacd Player Pd-10 (335$)
    Amp: Trends Audio-TA 10.2 SE (225$)
    Speakers: Klipsch RF 42-II (398$)

    A few cases of real ale to increase enjoyment: 48$


    Beat that for fidelity, chaps!


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  7. JL Godard

    JL Godard New Member

    One very stylish contemporary system, WAF friendly, compact and unfussy on cabling:

    1) PSB Alpha PS1 active speakers
    2) Arcam miniBlink bluetooth DAC
    3) HP stream notebook 13
    4) Norstone Stylum 1 speaker stands (or some other 100$-ish stands, depending on market)
    5) AQ Tower 2m 3.5 to RCA interconnect (or similar, 50 US$-class one)

    Price on local market here is around 930 Eur, eg. little less than 1.000 US$

  8. bhazen

    bhazen Up The Khyber

    Renton, WA
    Art nails it, first reply in!
  9. hnash53

    hnash53 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    The beautiful Oregon Coast
    Seems to me that most of these systems are leaving out network connectivity.

    The following components provide a very good sounding system:

    Yamaha R-N500... $500
    Sony Blu-ray Player S3200... $70
    Polk Audio TSi200 speakers... $300
    Subwoofer (take your pick)... suggest MartinLogan Dynamo 300... $130

    The Sony blu-ray player plays DVDs, Blu-ray DVDs (duh), CDs... AND you can stream audio & video from Pandora, Amazon, Netflix, etc. etc. etc.

    The Yamaha network receiver has built-in support for Pandora and Spotify.

    If you hunt around, you can get "open box" or "scratch & dent" (which are never scratched or dented) for less than the quoted prices. Use these savings to buy your gluten-free speaker wire.

    In addition, the Yamaha receiver has digital inputs (coaxial & optical, 2 each), a subwoofer out, and all the world's internet radio stations thru V-Tuner. This receiver also has a good phono input. And if you need wireless network connectivity, Yamaha offers a wifi adapter (cost is about $70... so that would put you over the $1K amount).

    And... the Yamaha receiver has a great DAC... 24/192kHz.
  10. Uhills

    Uhills Member

    I've read a few posts in this thread objecting to the computer as a source and I'm not sure why that is an objection. It seems as valid as using a turntable as your only source.
    Anyway, here is my <$1000 system
    Refurbished computer $170
    Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE-- $348
    HRT Music Streamer iii-- $150
    Topping TP60 amp -- $208
    Total = $876... leaving plenty for cables and such.
  11. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    Oregon IL.
    You won't see me objecting to using a computer as a source. It's as valid a source option as any and for some a better option than others.



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  12. dumptruck

    dumptruck Lunatic Member

    Minneapolis, MN
    Speaking of including computer sources in the [low] budget and without violating the all-new restriction....

    ECS Liva X (many versions of this, and it's cheaper without an OS if you plan to do Linux).



    and semi-no-DIY-restriction-breaking:



    Last edited: May 16, 2015
  13. chaskelljr63

    chaskelljr63 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Washington, DC
    This is a VERY INTERESTING thread, if I do not say so myself.

    I am liking all of these different systems I am seeing on here.

    I am going to take a different approach here.

    I am going to do one for Digital, one for Analog, and God help me, I am also going to actually ATTEMPT a Dual Source System, for $1,000.00.

    So, I am talking about three different system options here.

    So, without further ado, off we go.

    SYSTEM # 1 (Digital):

    Speaker System: Fluance SX-6 Bookshelf/Stand Mount Monitors -- $130.00 Plus Free Shipping (which I have saw earlier today, on their website)

    Powered Subwoofer: Fluance DB-150 10" 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer -- $250.00 Plus Shipping (by mail order directly from Fluance Speakers)

    Amplifier/DAC: NAD D-3020 Integrated Amplifier -- $500.00 Plus Free Shipping (from Music Direct)(30 Watts Per Channel @ 8 Ohms, but sounds like it's triple that amount of power, and has a DAC built-in)

    Refurbished Laptop: HP, Toshiba or Asus -- $250.00 (look on Amazon, e-Bay or Craigslist)

    Then tie it all together with good cables from Parts Express, or House Brand Cables from your local Best Buy or H. H. Gregg.

    System Price: $880.00 (Excluding Cables; Use Your Existing PC, Mac, Laptop or Tablet. Otherwise, if you need a PC, then forgo the Subwoofer for now and get the Laptop instead. You can get the Subwoofer with your next paycheck)

    SYSTEM # 2 (Analog):

    Speaker System: PSB Alpha B1 -- $300.00 (Audio Advisor -- Free Shipping)

    Integrated Amplifier: NAD C 316BEE -- $380.00 (Audio Advisor -- Free Shipping)(40 Watts Per Channel @ 8 Ohms, but it sounds more powerful than that)

    Phono Stage: ART DJPre II -- $50.00 (mail order directly from "U-Turn" Audio)(even includes it's OWN VOLUME CONTROL, just like my $1K PS Audio GCPH, and a Low Frequency Roll Off Filter. I like this thing better than NAD's $200.00 Phono Stage)

    Turntable: U Turn Orbit Basic -- $180.00 (mail order directly from "U-Turn" Audio)(Belt-Drive and Manual Operation. Comes with a Felt Mat, Dust Cover and a Magnetic Cartridge. Nothing Extra To Buy. Plugs In OUT OF THE BOX)

    Then tie it all together with good cables from Parts Express, or House Brand Cables from your local Best Buy or H. H. Gregg.

    System Price: $910.00

    Are you a new and budding audiophile and have always wondered what the wonderful warm sound of analog has always sounded like?? Well, check this rig out. This rig gets you into the game, for less than $1K

    SYSTEM # 3 (Analog & Digital)

    I would take System # 2 as is, but substitute the NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amplifier and replace it with the Yamaha R-201 Stereo Receiver instead ($130.00 with Free Shipping From Amazon), then add the TEAC CD-P650 Compact Disc Player (also, $130.00 with Free Shipping From Amazon)

    Then tie it all together with good cables from Parts Express, or House Brand Cables from your local Best Buy or H. H. Gregg.

    System Price: $790.00 (Excluding Cables)

    A Multi-Sourced System, for less than the price of a decent Home Theater Receiver. And thanks to the TEAC CD-P650, you can EVEN add one more source (your iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, Android Tablet or your USB Thumb Drive).

    Happy Listening Everyone!!!!
  14. Icevic

    Icevic Member

    Source: Galaxy Tab tablet, all the streaming internet music you can handle and can play from your DLNA server

    Speakers: Kanto Yumi, powered with internal DAC and USB charging port for your tablet

    Sub: Kanto Sub6

    Total: $745
    That's a sweet sounding system for small-medium size rooms with good dynamic range that is all-digital. It's also very flexible with placement and pretty portable too. Tablets are under-rated digital sources, they do everything musically a laptop or desktop could do and often have better DACs too. Plus in some ways they are simpler to use because of the dedicated apps, and nothing else going on in the background.
  15. ronscat

    ronscat Active Member

    South Georgia
    Here is mine that I have been listening to for a year or so:

    Asus chromebox - $154
    Turtle Beach Micro II usb out to digital optical - $30.38
    Fiio Dac 3 - $20.99
    SMSL SA36A Pro amp - $51.99
    Onix X-LS monitors - $199.00
    1.5' Optical cable - $4.99
    1.5' RCA cable - $5.28
    10' speaker cables - $10.99

    Total - $477.62

    I listen to internet radio from all over the world on this. Lately I have been listening to concerts on Mixcloud. Sounds pretty good to these 69 yr old ears!!
  16. destroysall

    destroysall Member

    Here's one that features all kinds of future upgrade possibilities:

    Emotiva TA-100 Stereo Preamp/DAC/Tuner/Int. Amplifier - $399
    ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speakers - $280
    Mount-It! MI-58B speaker stands - $49-$59
    U-Turn Audio Orbit Custom turntable (add cue lever) - $219
    PSX (Model No. SCPH-1001) - >$50

    Total: $957-$1007

    I feel this is a good future proof system. The Emotiva is rated at 50 WPC, but it also has a built-in preamp, which allows for the addition of a power amp. As a bonus, it even has a built-in phono which welcomes a turntable like the U-Turn Orbit. One can upgrade the U-Turn turntable with U-Turn's own acrylic platter, cork mat, and cartridge if so desired. The Playstation is a great CD player and can be head for as low as $10. There are mods for the system, but owning one myself, I don't think they would be necessary. Any other digital source can be handled by the TA-100's internal DAC. Finally, the ELAC B6 speakers by Andrew Jones. These are fantastic speakers, which should scale up pretty nicely when driven with more power, but even at 50 WPC, they should satisfy.

    I think you can get away with cheap interconnects and cables temporary, but I do advise upgrading cables in the future. Perhaps look into Blue Jean Cable?



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  17. sev1

    sev1 New Member

    Assuming you have a computer as a source already...

    JBL LSR305 - ~$350 Street Price (lower on eBay)

    MiniDSP 2x4HD ~$285 w UMIK Mic and Remote

    ISOAcoustics L8R155 Desktop Stands: $110 on Amazon
    Dayton SSMB24 Speaker Stands: $65 on Parts Express

    Assorted Cables: ~$50

    Total: $750 - $795 depending on stands

    Upgrade Options:

    Subwoofer: Hsu VTF1 Mk3: $399

    I have the LSR305's and have to say they are really amazing. Not just for the money, but I'm extremely impressed with how they sound. Even if they are pro-audio speakers, they sound very smooth and non-fatiguing yet still accurate. Getting a MiniDSP 2x4HD gives you a USB DAC (with XMOS200 chip able to accept up to 192khz over Async USB) and a full featured DSP. There's also volume control built in saving you on the preamp front. You could always add but you'll need four channel preamp if you want to use the full DSP functionality. You don't really need the subwoofer, but with the MiniDSP you'll be able to integrate one or more easily.

    Only slight issue is that the LSR305's have either an XLR or TRS jacks and the MiniDSP is unbalanced RCA only. This means you'll need a custom cable to accommodate them but you'd probably need one anyway since these are active speakers and most people don't have 4'-5' interconnects lying around.

    This system would sound awesome on a desktop or listening room.
  18. timsclips

    timsclips AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Illinois
    Let me give this a try.

    Yamaha A-S301BL 350
    Fluance Turntable in Black 200
    TEAC CD-P650-B Compact Disc Player 145
    Wharfedale - Diamond 10.1 250
    leaves around $50 for interconnects and cables

    all priced from Amazon

    I don't know about you, but radio around here is not worth listening to.

  19. sarpilot

    sarpilot Member

    I really like the rx4109. A real bargain in midfi. Mine cost $90.00 at Radio Shack. I'm using Polk monitor 30s with a PSW 10 sub, $190.00 for both at Polk Audio eBay. Also using a Onkyo DX-C390 CD changer $129.00 Best Buy and a Logitec Bluetooth adapter for my Spotify playlists $25.00. $434.00 total.
  20. Mgino757

    Mgino757 Member

    Virginia Beach, VA
    When I started this crazy hobby back in 2009, I bought a:

    Sherwood RX4109 for $100 ish from Radio Shack
    A Sony PSLX250H for maybe $75 from Circuit City
    A pair of refurbished Polk Audio RTi6's for around $450 on eBay from Polk

    I already had a computer and iPod, so for around $600 plus the cost of cables, I had a solid, entry level system that rocked.

    Now, I have a Sansui G7000 that I bought for around $150 on eBay and a Technics SL1800 that I bought on eBay for $180. I had the Sansui deoxed locally for around $100.

    I'm now looking for a good, stand alone CD player, which I may get a Yamaha CD-S300BL for around $300.

    All in all, I have $800-900 in this system and it makes awesome noises in my 13X10 ft room. I consider it mid-lower hi-fi.

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