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Challenge for the modern fans - The best $1000 system.

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by Bigerik, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Drum

    Drum Active Member

    [​IMG] Klipsch RB 81. $280 at Amazon (delivered). Much closer to full range with the 8" woofer and still efficient. Not a huge klipsch fan but these are a great value.


    I would also consider the ELAC B6 for more accuracy but less volume - same price.


    Yamaha R-S300 Receiver. Clean look, good sound, simple controls. Variable loudness is a huge bonus. $280 at Amazon.


    Onkyo CD player. Probably overkill at $150 for this system, but not crazy about portables etc.


    Polk PSW 505 Subwoofer. $220 at Amazon. Not the most musical but digs quite deep. Don't have the budget for an HSU so this will have to do. The Klipsch will go low enough that this sub won't have to do too much - crossover in the 60 hz rage.

    Total $930. $70 covers tax a few interconnects and some 14 gauge copper speaker wire.

    System will be quite loud, fairly accurate and will basically cover every frequency that can be heard. Will be solid to about 25 hz, but you mostly feel (not hear) notes in that range.
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  2. Cogito

    Cogito Well-Known Member

    Portland, Maine
    How 'bout this?

    EMOTIVA TA100 Premap/Tuner/DAC /Integrated Amp $400
    ONKYO C-7030 CD Player $150
    POLK AUDIO Monitor 70 Series II (Pair) $400

    TOTAL $950
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Dannyh

    Dannyh New Member

    Ps. Audio Sprout and klipschs RP150m
  4. musichal

    musichal poet emeritus Subscriber

    Norman OK
    NAD C 316BEE integrated + ELAC Debut 6 speakers + a $372 source, subwoofer, whatever.


    Emotiva TA-100 receiver + Debut B6 + a $352 source, sub, whatever.
  5. Jefferson790

    Jefferson790 New Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Option 1:

    PS Audio Sprout100 $600 (PSAudio.com)
    KEF Q100 $250/pr (Amazon.com from my business account. Not sure if that is the same price as a regular or prime, but the account is free if you own a business)
    Signal Cable Ultra Speakers Cables $110 (signalaudio.com)
    Pangea Audio Premier SE USB Cable $40 (Audioadvisor.com)

    Option 2:
    Emotiva TA-100 $400 (emotiva.com)
    Emotiva BasX SAT Pair $89 (emotiva.com)
    Signal Cable Ultra Speakers Cables $110 (signalaudio.com)
    Signal Cable Silver Phono Set $79 (signalaudio.com)
    Pangea Audio Premier SE USB Cable $40 (Audioadvisor.com)
    u-turn Audio Orbit Plus $289
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  6. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    Looks good except for the $600 Sprout. Many more amp options that use the same chip for far less money.


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  7. Jefferson790

    Jefferson790 New Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Most people who are really into audio are going to spend at least this just on speakers. Someone who is buying this type of system is going to likely not want a huge AV rack. The sprout is sexy and has wireless in a small form factor. I like monoblocks, but I assume the average person with this system isn’t looking for that. I would agree that you can get better. If you are into audio and 1k is all you can afford, look at used gear.
  8. timsclips

    timsclips AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Illinois
    Polk Audio TSi400 Floorstanding Speaker $398 for the pair
    Teac TN-350-WA Turntable $300
    Yamaha R-N303BL Stereo Receiver with Wi-Fi Bluetooth & Phono Black $250

    All priced today on Amazon, price includes shipping with 50 dollars left for cables\accessories

    There is records, radio, network connectivity and Bluetooth for sources.

    Is this audiophile? Most likely not but it would not embarrass anyone either with good room filling sound for any type of music.

    You could change the Teac for an Onkyo DP-300F for a savings of $70 to further upgrade receiver or speakers.
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  9. 2ndGenSansui

    2ndGenSansui AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sacramento, CA
    I will throw my current system into the mix:

    Speakers: Elac B6.2 - $250 when on sale. ​

    Subwoofer: Bic v1020 -$170​

    Amp: NAD D3020: - $400

    Wires: 100ft of Monoprice copper 14g- $20​

    Source: Optical signal from Apple Airport Express - $100​

    Total: $940 + Tax!

    I love what I've put together, and I think it compares very well with the vintage gear I have owned.

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