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Discussion in 'Tuners' started by may29901, Aug 28, 2017.

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    I want to check an outdoor FM antenna for the proper position.I have a small Sadoun satellite finder gizmo
    that does freq. 959-2400MHZ. I want to fine tune about 91.5 FM.
    It says it is powered by 13-18 volts. Can I use this to fine tune my reception
    or not?? If so how?? if not can I use a multi meter??


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    I LIKE MUSIC Super Member

    No, that device will not work as it does not cover the FM broadcast band.

    No, a multi meter will not work.

    Most people use their tuner/receiver for this application.

    For us old time analog types (yes I am one), devices like this will allow one to measure the FM signal strength. It is tunable for your station of choice. This is an older device that was used in the analog TV days as an antenna installers meter. They are available used for not much money if one is interested.


    For those that want something more modern, SDR (software defined radio) USB dongles are available for not much money. There are apps that allow them to be used with smart phones.

    This is an example.


    It does not get much easier than this. This is not as accurate in absolute terms as professional equipment, but in terms of relative accuracy they are quite good.

    A device like this can be used to help aim an antenna. It can be used to measure the signal loss between the antenna and the tuner/receiver and the signal loss of any splitters used.

    In this application they are basically a spectrum analyzer along with a wide range receiver (about 25 MHz to about 1800 MHz, although some cover even more frequencies) along with many signal decoding options. There is a whole hobby using these as wide frequency range receivers, including using them as police/public service/first responder scanners.
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    Oh Boy! A new toy to play with.

    Thanks ILM
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    What one should optimize on antenna orientation is minimal miltipath distortion on the desired station. This requires a Yagi outdoor elevated antenna with a rotor and means to measure miltipath reception.
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    You can also put on some headphones and adjust the direction for minimum hiss in stereo mode. If the station is too strong for hiss then find the thresholds of hiss on each side of correct aim and use the midpoint of the two.


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