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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by onwardjames, Dec 31, 2014.


Have you ever used glue to clean a record?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. DavePlatt

    DavePlatt New Member

    Well, yeah - I wouldn't actually use Bactine on a record. No telling what those essential oils might do to the vinyl.


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  2. Archguy

    Archguy Official Roiurama Factory Rep Subscriber

    Richmond VA
    How can you tell when a record needs cleaning? I've just gotten mine out from (decades-long but careful) storage and it seems to me that most are immaculate, aside from the occasional particles of dust. Here is a sample detail photograph (click to enlarge). I can see right into the grooves and they look flawless. Is it accurate to say that such a record is likely soiled on a microscopic scale? I don't want to clean something that doesn't need it. Is it safe to play such records as is?


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  3. drtool

    drtool It might get loud In Houston Subscriber

    Houston Texas
    If it was stored in a NON paper sleeve, you are good to go.
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  4. travellersol

    travellersol Active Member

    Hi, to those who have been using this ultra sonic cleaning method, how quickly do you need to clean them again?

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