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    Luck has nothing to do with it. It is money. I would expect a big difference between a sub $1000 TV and a sub $200 TV. Your comment was a general statement that did not distinguish between higher priced TVs and lower cost ones. Your original statement also focused on the digital chip and ignored the big difference the analog circuit plays.


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    Here's my reasoning ,he has the tv paid for ,he has the receiver paid for ,he has cables paid for ,I cant In good conscience reccomend anybody spending money on further equipment before they've tried every connection option thetexisting gear will allow ? Assuming a tv has a shit sounding chip set and buying a costly external DAC before even listening to the TV's DAC is putting the cart before the horse ,it costs him zero dollars to give it a listen ,we shouldn't assume anything until he's told us how the connection he asked how to do sounds .
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    TV only has an Optical out.... Anyway the DAC is on its way. I'll be running my laptop through it as well so not an issue.
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