Computer MIDI programming Software - anyone still use it?

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by valvenator, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. valvenator

    valvenator curious bystander, serious procrastinator

    Years ago when I got my first computer I got myself a free program that let me compose and play MIDI files simply by inputting notes in sheet music format. I learned to read music years ago and found this very easy to use.
    Are there any programs like this out there that some of you might recommend?
    This one from Anvil Studio looks interesting:

    I'd prefer something simple that won't take me ages to learn. Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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  2. valvenator

    valvenator curious bystander, serious procrastinator

    21 views so far and no replies. Guess the answer to my question:
    "Computer MIDI programming Software - anyone still use it?"
    would be a big resounding NO.........?:dunno:
  3. Wildcat

    Wildcat Audio Sommelier Subscriber

    I've only done two things with MIDI. The Yamaha keyboard my kiddo has accepts MIDI, and I bought a good USB interface for the computer (it's a MidiPlus Tbox 2x2, not one of those Chinese contraptions that doesn't work--been there, tried that). I was able to play MIDI files I'd downloaded online, and also, use the Minimoog emulator on the computer, with the Yamaha as the keyboard for it.

    At one point, I had some software that did the opposite of what you were looking for--it turned a MIDI file into sheet music. I don't know if I would have the patience to "notate" anything by hand though. :D But it does sound cool!
  4. onepixel

    onepixel .

    No programming, but about 10+ years ago I was playing around with GarageBand. I got a MIDI keyboard, but my playing sucked. It was great that I could go back and edit the notes. I also used loops, sound clips and put stuff together. It was tedious, but fun.

    Here are some tracks on my web site.

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