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Connecting 500C to new Klipsch The Sixes Speakers

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by Kevin Laman, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Kevin Laman

    Kevin Laman New Member

    Where can I buy a cable that I can use to connect my Fisher 500C to soon to be bought (If I can figure out a way to lie to the wife about the cost of them) speakers.?

    What is the best gage of wire? 18?

    Thank you,


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  2. malvo

    malvo AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Metro DC
    You're going to want to rethink that combination. The Sixes are powered speakers, meaning they have amplification built in. You plug your source (a CD player, phono preamp, or whatever) directly into powered speakers like these and they make music. But if you have a 500c, you already have a nice amplifier, so with that you want a pair of passive speakers, like, if we're talking new Klipsch here, a set of Heresies or similar.
  3. Kevin Laman

    Kevin Laman New Member

    That is sound logic. thank you.

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