Considering a CX-2 to pair with my MX-1. Some questions...

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by Figit090, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Figit090

    Figit090 Member

    I have a MX-1, fed by a NAD 1600 preamp. It's powering a pair of SDA SRS speakers, and the setup sounds spectacular.

    HOWEVER, it would be cool to have the ability to trigger the power amp with the preamp and have a matching Yamaha pair.

    Can the MX-1 take any 12v trigger or is the CX-1 CX-2 trigger signal what it needs?

    Is there a big difference between the CX-1 and CX-2 such that I should look for the CX-1? I've read they reduced stereo separation for the CX-2, and the CX-1 would give me an optical input for my xbox one.

    If it's not really an upgrade I won't bother, namely because I'd be loosing the excellent FM tuner in the NAD 1600. (Replacing it with a Yamaha TX-480 or using the NAD as a tuner until I feel like shelling out for better)

    I posted in dollars and sense about the value of a CX-2, forgive me if that's a bad choice. I wanted to ask about the functionality here and it felt best to ask yamaha gurus here.
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  2. Bratwurst7s

    Bratwurst7s In The Frying Pan Subscriber

    Munich, Germany
    Both the CX-1 and CX-2 support direct control over the MX-1/MX-2. Which other Yamaha (or other) pre-amps can do so I can't help with.

    The CX-2 has slightly less channel separation than the CX-1, ca 5db. The CX-1 has no optical or any other digital input support. Zero. It is strictly an analog pre. The CX-2 does have various video through-puts but afaik none of them are optical/toslink.

  3. Jygesq

    Jygesq Well-Known Member

    i bought a cx-2 at 50% off sound sales man discount when my son was working at the now defunct the WIZ . I could haveb ought the cx-1 also for 50% off. I called Yamaha technical support and talk to a tech guru there. He advised me NOT to buy the cx-1 as yamaha was having cold solder issues with cx-1. this was in 1997. I have had my cx-2 since then. I do not use the various video inputs. They were in vogue in 1997. on paper the cx-1 is a better preamp. I have found that that cx-2 meets or exceeds all my requirement .It is doubtful the spec difference is meaningful at least with my system Acurus a250 .Infinity RS II ( a real sleeper of s speaker system) Marantz SA11 S1 .. either preamp trigger m-x1 with cable that comes with the preamp.
  4. avionic

    avionic " Black Knights " Subscriber

    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    So whats the problem...Thats what a solder station is made for. Most evey yamaha I've ever worked on has had cold solder connections.
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  5. Jygesq

    Jygesq Well-Known Member

    It made no sense to me to buy a new preamp that had a history of cold solder joints. So I bought the Cx-2 and have had no issues with it since I bought it new . I am not a tech and have no interest in buying a new piece of equipment that I have to solder .
  6. OMGCat!

    OMGCat! AK Subscriber Subscriber

    El Sereno, CA
    Both of them were almost definitely run through the same soldering line so I don't see why they would be any different but who knows.

    As Avionic says cold solder joints are pretty much standard issue for this vintage gear especially after all these years. That's good you haven't had any problems with yours though.


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