Consonance C-100 integrated amp coming soon!

Discussion in 'Solid State' started by lightcapture, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. lightcapture

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    I auditioned a Opera Consonance C-100 solid state integrated amp in 2006 in a local stereo shop. Its smooth, full bodied and robust sound really made a permanent impression on me. I've always disliked the hyper-detailed sound and and lean towards a more relaxed sound.

    Well finally made a purchase and a mint C-100 w/ original packing will arrive at my doorstep shortly. I hope the C-100's 180 wpc @ 4 ohms delivers the sound I remember for my Seas Froy mk3 4 ohm speakers.

    Information on the Consonance C-100 it is minimal, but digging deep my research reveals it is basically a Hegel H-100 amp w/o the usb dac, digital display, and HT bypass. The similarity in looks and chassis is also compelling. Reviews of the Hegel H-100 remind me of what I remember hearing from the the C-100 years ago, which made such an impression on me.

    For the last 1-1/2 years I had a nice HT system, but couldn't wait to sell it and return to a smooth and inviting 2 channel audio for my aging ears. I can hardly wait for it to arrive and will keep you posted.
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  2. lightcapture

    lightcapture Active Member

    I received it today. There were a few issues. The input selector knob was way loose and thought it was broken. I was able to tighten it. Inside or the machined aluminum volume remote, the plastic battery holder was broke so I epoxy'd it and it's drying now.
    It's hooked up and playing now. It may possibly be one of the best amps I've have ever owned. I'm not going to go any further for now until I familiarizing myself with its sound for a while.
    The inside layout looks almost identical to the Hegel H-100 without an internal DAC. The Consonances volume pot is is on the main circuit board half way back, whereas the Hegel has a separate volume board at the front of the unit with a chip and what looks like volume is controlled in a digital domain.
  3. mbz

    mbz AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Melbourne, Victoria
    Can't comment on the C-100, however my general impression is that Consonance
    is one chinese manufacturer that is trying real hard. I picked up a package
    consisting of,
    - R2.2 CDP
    - Reference 1.3 preamp/passive attenuator
    - Cyber 800 Mono blocks

    Good entry level into the valve world, sadly don't play it as much as I like
    as I spend a bit of time fixing then playing other vintage gear.

    Keep us posted on listening impressions.
  4. lightcapture

    lightcapture Active Member

    Here's my beauty, a Hegel in Consonance clothing

    amp front2309.jpg
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