Cos Cob, CT to Groton, MA (or maybe to Newington, CT)

Discussion in 'The AudioKarma Pony Express' started by Sounds Good!, Jan 14, 2018.

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    I was lucky enough to find a very generous AKer that got my Onkyo TX 8500 II from Chicago to MA, I thought I'd try a shorter Pony. I bought a Rotel R-117 from a fellow AKer, and I'm looking for a Pony from Cos Cob, CT to Groton, MA or, if I can't find someone to bring it all the way to Groton (or nearby), my buddy's parents live in Newington, and he gets down to see his folks every couple of months. So Cos Cob to Newington is a good backup plan.

    Sounds Good, Mike


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