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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Trucker1964, Oct 29, 2018.

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    @crooner carefully and most generously serviced my almost mint Marantz 8B. His attention to detail is testimony to his love of Marantz tube gear.

    The unit was in mint condition before it was shipped to me (lightly damaged in shipping) and as far as we could tell, had never been serviced. Nestor performed what would be usual for a unit of the type including the removal of the dreaded selenium rectifier and replacement of a few leaky/failing electrolytics with NOS parts: a NOS speaker terminal block, period correct Sprague electrolytics etc... Nestor also configured the unit to run in triode for me as I will be running it with Altec 19’s which are pretty high efficiency.

    He also generously provided some appropriate NOS EL34 Svetlanas which was the cherry on top. When I went to pick up the unit, Nestor was careful to explain everything I needed to know and I asked to listen to Miles’ Sketches of Spain through his beloved Chartwell LS3/5A’s; it was just beautiful.

    Thanks to @crooner for his patience, expertise and generosity.
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    Thanks Jeremy for the kind words! I feel honored that you entrusted me with restoring your Marantz treasure. It is certainly a labor of love for me. Listening to the 8B in triode was a revelation for me as I had previously only listened to my 8B's in ultralinear. The 9's showed me how nice triode can be, and the 8B certainly gains in clarity and transparency in this mode.

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