CT Jim: Consistently Superior!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Dave B., Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Dave B.

    Dave B. AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Central Pa.
    Buying CT Jim's upgraded Dynaco equipment is like eating potato chips ... you can't have just one!

    I just bought his latest masterpiece: a vastly improved PAT-5 preamp, which will complement the upgraded PAT-4 and ST-120 that I got from him. The PAT-5's flexibility is a big part of its attractiveness. Jim kept me informed on his upgrading process every step of the way with pictures and explanations. His wire routing and point-to-pont soldering remind me of what I see inside vintage Macs. His meticulous workmanship appeals to my obsessive tendencies!

    Jim is a Barter Town Hall of Famer, as you'll see if you search the Feedback forum for comments from his well-satisfied buyers. His communication is prompt and he makes you feel like you're his only buyer. On top of all that, Jim is simply one heck of a nice guy.

    Thanks, Jim. As Arnold the Terminator says, "I'll be back!"



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  2. CT Jim

    CT Jim AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Branford, CT. 06405
    Thanks Dave
    But it's the customers who make me feel fortunate enough to have a hobby that provides for them as well!

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