dac input confusion?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by CT Jim, Apr 15, 2018 at 6:52 PM.

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    I picked up a SMSL sd793 II from a fellow member, which is a headphone amp/dac combo unit. It only has toslink and coax inputs, with headphone out, or RCAs out.
    It appears that I cannot use this particular unit with one of my laptops because it only has usb or a headphone output, ergo it can't connect to the SMSL unit.
    I like how the desktop connects to the headphone amp and sounds gooood!. I guess I'm looking for an analog input headphone amp, with either usb to x input, or RCAs to x input

    Do they make cables such as
    mini headphone jack to either coax or toslink?
    RCAs to coax or toslink?
    How about coax to RCA adaptor?
    toslink to RCA adaptor?
    Can a digital input actually use an analog input?
    Maybe I should get one of those dirt cheap external sound cards so I can use toslink or coax?
    I realize the digital in theory goes as output, and putting in an analog input isn't digital

    I do have a Schiit modi uber 2 but that only gives me toslink, coax or USB-B inputs, but only RCA outputs, so that won't help, although I could use it with the laptop, but then no headphone amp without adding another piece.

    It's getting where I'm pissed about all these combinations, but none are just simple!


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  2. GSS61

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    There are USB to SPDIF converters with coax and/or toslink output... some of them are pretty inexpensive, too. Just get one that covers the max processing capability of the DAC (24bit/96kHz)
  3. Hipocrates

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    You want a USB to S/PDIF adapter

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