DAC with passive volume control

Discussion in 'DACs' started by flo777, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. flo777

    flo777 New Member

    Are there are any usb DACs available with a passive preamplifier/volume control?
    I'd like to run my tube amplifier with a passive preamp/dac combo.


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  2. prighello

    prighello Super Member

    Fountain Hills, AZ
    If you can find a beresford caiman MKII it has a passive volume control. It's a great dac and it also can be switched to line level output as well.

    The newer version called the seg is buffered but the MKII is straight up passive. Wish I'd never sold mine!

    Stanley, the owner of beresford is super helpful so you might be able to get an older version if he still had any left over.
  3. dshoaf

    dshoaf That high voltage buzz Subscriber

    RIP 1954-2018
    The Benchmark DAC1/2/3 has dual digital and analog signal chains. This started with the DAC1 HGC, I believe. They're excellent DACs and I use a DAC1 HGC in one system with a DAC2 L in the other. I've moved on from other preamps because I can get all I need out the Benchmarks. Check their discountinued listing for factory refurbs - I saved a lot of $$ that way.


  4. fredgarvin

    fredgarvin AK Subscriber Subscriber

    You could just pick up a small, passive switcher such as the Nobsound or Schiit. $60 and pair it with any dac you choose.
  5. rooster2001

    rooster2001 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Murrells Inlet, SC
    This. I use a Schiit Sys with a Topping D30 and JBL LSR308's in a small back room system and the combo works very nicely for me.
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  6. sberger

    sberger Hard Core Geezer Subscriber

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