Denon AVR-X1400H or Onkyo TX-NR747

Discussion in 'Home Theater & Video' started by DangerBoy, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. DangerBoy

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    I'm looking at potentially purchasing a new to me second hand AVR for my system. I want to get something that is Dolby Atmos and THX-X capable so I can take advantage of those technologies in the future but probably won't use them right now. For now, I'll just be using a standard 5.1 setup. I've been using an Onkyo TX-NR809.

    I can get either a second hand Denon AVR X1400H or an Onkyo TX-NR747 for about the same price I haven't been able to find any reviews that directly compares the two. Both sound like pretty good units. Which one would you recommend and why?
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  2. awillia6

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    Rule of thumb: don't buy into tech unless and until you're ready to deploy it; it changes too quickly so you're just wasting money on fantasy.

    You're going 5.1 so buy high-quality 5.1(/7.1) AVR that supports just what you intend to throw at it (i.e. WiFi, networking, remote remote control, webserver setup, etc.).
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    awillia6 makes a very good point. The technology is rapidly changing. You will be buying outdated technology.

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