Denon DCD-1560 CD Player capacitor replacement and upgrade?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by kk_coastal, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. kk_coastal

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a Denon DCD-1560 CD Player for $45.00 from the original owner. It's in great condition.

    It sounds good. Exactly as it has been described in other audio karma postings. (detailed, neutral and transparent)

    I'd like to have it operating at its best. I am thinking about upgrading and replacing all 39 capacitors (w/Elna Audio, Nichicon KZ, FG, Wima, Würth Elektronik Germany). The capacitors would be purchased from the company below over in Europe.

    I'm not worried about the additional cost but in your opinion is it worth the investment? Will I notice improvement in performance and sound?

    Thanks in advance for you input.

    (Sansui AU-X701>Denon DCD-1560>Paradigm 3SE speakers)
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  2. SoundOfSound

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    Where do you live?
  3. kk_coastal

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    I am in Oakland, CA.
    I'm in Oakland, CA
  4. whoaru99

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    In my opinion it's not worth it because of the uncertainty of the aged laser. That model uses the KSS-151A which is quite expensive, if you can even find one.

    And, yes, I own a DCD-1560....that has a bad/flakey laser.
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  5. Electone

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    London, Ontario, Canada
    I recently recapped a Sony CDP-302 and Technics SL-P3 for maintenance purposes. I used high quality caps (Nichicon ES, PW and Elna Silmic). I do not hear any difference with the new caps.
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  6. Bratwurst7s

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    Munich, Germany
    The place where you can potentially hear a good sound improvement is with the main filter caps for the analog section. The Denons that I've worked on had 2x 2200µF/50v Silmic caps for the analog section. I used 2x 4700µF/50v Elna LAO Tonerex. It made a nice and noticable improvement to bass and midbass. The investment isn't huge, €4.31 each at DigiKey...

    €59 for the caps seems a bit high to me, especially as there is shipping from Germany on top of that (unless shipping is free). More so as they don't list exactly what you are getting. I highly recommend looking at DigiKey and Mouser and see if you can do better price wise, they will have all of the good audio grade caps also.

    Replace 6.8µF and smaller with Wima film caps.

    But, as whoaru99 said, you have to decide if it's worth it to sink cash into a cdp with an unobtanium laser.

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  7. Bob

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    West coast
    it's almost 20 years old and about ready for a recap to refresh it. depending on the
    rest of the system, your ears, and most importantly, the music you play
    you will most likely hear the difference (especially 39 caps worth).

    if this is your first recap, brush up on technique, get the schematic, mark the polarity of
    all the caps on the board (and verify the board marking with the parts layout with the
    schematic with ANY discrepancies noted in web searches on recapping the 1560)
    and replace cautiously to prevent explosions. (alternatively, use non-polar caps).

    look at op-amp upgrades, proper op-amp decoupling, and measure voltages
    to ensure no over voltages to active components.

    and document this here for others or simply for the next owner.
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